Lola Convertible Crib

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Lola Convertible Crib


$795.00 Out Of Stock
$795.00 Out Of Stock
Our Happiest Baby Lola™ Crib is safe, sustainable, and has a convertible design that grows with your toddlerhood and beyond!
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Welcome to Our Crib!

When your baby starts outgrowing SNOO’s cozy embrace, you’ll want to make sure you have a crib that is as reliable as SNOO to rest their sleepy head. Our convertible Happiest Baby Lola™ Crib meets or beats all safety rules to offer parents the same peace of mind they love about SNOO. And the Lola Crib is a beautiful, high-end design that you will enjoy admiring every day from babyhood…all the way to the big-kid days!

Our fearless leader, Dr. Harvey Karp, has racked up lots of impressive bragging rights when it comes to baby sleep! He’s the brains behind SNOO and the bestselling author of some of the world’s most beloved parenting books/videos: Happiest Baby on the Block and Happiest Toddler on the Block. Plus, he’s now Grandpa to his sweet grandbaby Lola.

When Dr. Karp heard Lola was on the way, he and his wife and business partner Nina (aka Lola’s Grandma!) wanted to make a crib and toddler bed that parents could trust as much as SNOO—with an elegant, timeless design. So, they created The Lola Crib, a beautiful, convertible crib with the same obsession with safety and aesthetics that has made SNOO a new-parent must-have.

Our crib is made from sustainable, 100% New Zealand Pine with hidden hardware and sealed with a non-toxic, water-based finish. Lola meets or exceeds all safety regulations and standards. Plus, four adjustable mattress heights allow parents to adapt the Lola Crib as their little ones get bigger (and braver…and bouncier!). As your child grows, Lola’s Conversion Kit makes it simple to give your tyke the “big kid” independence they crave.

Lola Crib’s smart design—complete with its modern lines and sleekly hidden hardware—will be a part of your little one’s environment, as well as the memories that will give you joy for many years to come!

Grow Up With Lola Crib

The Happiest Details

  • Pediatrician-Designed
  • Convertible Baby to Toddler
  • 100% New Zealand Pine
  • 4 Adjustable Mattress Heights
  • Safe, Hidden Hardware
  • Sustainable
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Easy-to-Assemble
  • Modern, Timeless Design
  • Non-Toxic

Why Parents Love Lola Crib

Grows With Littles

Converts easily from your baby's favorite crib to their beloved toddler nest


Built to last using 100% solid, sustainably farmed New Zealand Pine

Delightful Design

Sleek lines + hidden hardware add timeless elegance

Adjustable Mattress Height

Four levels make it easy to accommodate babies as they grow

Safe & Sturdy

Pediatrician-designed to meet or exceed CPSC, ASTM, JPMA & GreenGuard standards

Easy-Peasy Assembly

A breeze to build…and convert when your tot’s ready!

Lola Crib FAQs

Does the Lola baby crib come with a mattress?
Because we know not every crib-buyer needs a baby crib mattress—and vice versa—both the Lola Crib and our DreamBreeZzz 2-in-1 Crib Mattress can be purchased separately or bundled together for your convenience. This also means you’re able to register for one or both items, depending on your family’s needs!

Does the Lola baby crib come with a converter kit?
Just like our Happiest Baby mattress, our Lola Crib’s toddler bed conversion kit is optional. That means, anyone who doesn’t need a toddler bed conversion kit right now, can delay their purchase until their little one is toddler bed-ready. However, for parents (and parents-to-be) who want to cross more to-dos off their list all at once, we offer bundling, where you can purchase the Lola Crib and toddler bed conversion kit at the same time.

How do I transition my baby from SNOO to a baby crib?
Transitioning your growing baby out of their beloved SNOO and into a crib can feel daunting! But rest assured, once your baby is around 6 months old, they’ve naturally outgrown their deep love for—and reliance on—the motion and swaddling SNOO offers. That means, your precious bub is ready for the crib! Here’s how to make the crib transition go smoothly:
  • Undo the shoulder snaps on one side of your baby’s SNOO sack, allowing for one-arm-free sleep. After a few nights of good ZZZs, you can free the other arm. (Continue to fasten the inner bands snugly around your baby’s midsection.)
  • Once your baby is sleeping well with both arms out, turn on SNOO’s Weaning Mode. (On the Happiest Baby App, go to Settings, then Modes, and toggle to Weaning.) In Weaning Mode, SNOO continues to offer soothing sounds but no motion. The motion only comes back if your baby cries.
  • Continue with Weaning Mode for about one to two weeks, so your baby can get used to sleeping in a still bed.
  • Once your bub has been sleeping great with both arms free and Weaning Mode for about one to two weeks, it’s Lola Crib time!
  • Continue with your baby’s tried-and-true relaxing bedtime routine—including playing white noise for all naps and nights. (PS: Our white noise lovey SNOObear plays the award-winning SNOO sounds your baby already loves snoozing to. SNOObear can be safely strapped to the outside of the Lola crib and then moved into the crib after your baby’s first birthday.)

What do I do if my baby is too big for bassinet but not ready for crib?
If your little one is between 5 and 6 months old, two things are likely true: Your baby still fits comfortably in SNOO and they’re getting ready to be a SNOO grad! Dr. Harvey Karp designed SNOO to comfortably hold babies up to 6 months old who weigh a max of 25 pounds—or until your little one can get on their hands and knees. That means, even if your baby’s toes touch the bottom of SNOO, they’re not too big for their bassinet! (Remember, babies sleep with their legs slightly bent, like a frog, which is very good for their developing hips.) At the same time, once babies are close to 6 months, they no longer crave motion and swaddling for sleep, making this the ideal age to relocate them to the new comforts of the Lola Crib.

When should I move my baby to crib?
The best time to move Baby out of SNOO and into the crib is when they are between 5 to 6 months old. That’s when your little one’s brain is mature enough to successfully sustain long, continuous periods of sleep without the need for rocking or swaddling. (Their sleep, however, still greatly benefits from white noise.)

How long do babies sleep in cribs?
Size-wise and comfort-wise, babies and toddlers can happily sleep in their cribs until they’re roughly 3 years old. But how long your kiddo actually remains in the crib really depends on their physical skills. While some toddlers never try to escape the confines of the crib, others start masterminding their breakout way earlier than you’d like! Because of this, you want a baby bed—like the Lola Crib—with several adjustable mattress heights that’ll delay your bub’s freedom-run as long as possible. At the same, it’s equally important to be toddler-bed-prepared with the Lola Crib toddler bed conversion kit before your intrepid tot finally masters the art of crib escape.

How do I train my baby to sleep in a crib?
There are several things you can do to help make your baby’s transition to the crib easier. For example:
  • Continue with your tried-and-true relaxing evening routine, such as bedtime stories and dimming the lights 30 to 60 minutes before night-night.
  • For all naps and night sleeps, play white noise, as it remains very useful for maintaining good sleep throughout the toddler years and beyond. (SNOObear will offer your little one familiar SNOO sounds, plus after SNOObear plays for 30 to 60 minutes, it “pays attention” for 3 more hours, ready to start playing white noise again if your little one starts to fuss.)
  • If your baby weighs 26 pounds or less, consider putting them in our award-winning Sleepea swaddle. (If your baby is rolling, you must undo both sets of shoulder snaps for arms out swaddling.) Sleepea is, essentially, our SNOO Sack without the wings. So, the familiar swaddle-like feeling might be a comfort to your little SNOO grad in the crib. Just remember: Babies who can roll need to have their arms free!
  • Are you transitioning your baby to their own room, too? If so, schedule some quiet play, storytime, and snuggles in their nursery throughout the day before you move your baby to their room. This helps to build familiarity and comfort before they relocate.

How can I protect my baby from hitting their head on the crib?
When your baby accidentally (or purposefully) hits their head on their crib, it can be loud, jarring, and downright scary. But the truth is, babies rarely hurt themselves from hitting their head on the crib and they do not require any special protection—especially from a crib bumper. Remember, padded crib bumpers are now banned in America. Crib bumpers not only don’t prevent serious injury, they can cause injury…or worse. While mesh or “breathable” crib bumpers are not yet banned, they can still put your child at risk for entrapment and strangulation. Plus, they inadvertently give older babies a “leg up” on possible crib escape plans!

Is Lola a baby crib for boys and girls?
The Lola Crib’s clean, timeless, high-end design is perfect for all babies! In fact, this beautiful and sustainable New Zealand pine crib, featuring hidden hardware, is so lovely, you may wish you could snooze in it, too!

Is Lola a convertible crib to toddler bed?
Yes. The Lola Crib was designed to easily convert from a crib to a toddler bed. The conversion kit can be purchased separately or bought as a bundle along with the Lola Baby Crib.

How do I convert my Lola baby crib to a toddler bed?
It’s easy! Simply…
  • Adjust the mattress spring to the lowest level.
  • Lay the Lola Crib on its back (not upside down) and unscrew the eight bolts and washers fastening the footboard to the corner posts and crib frame. (Don’t remove the dowels that are already in the frame.)
  • Hang the toddler rail on the dowels and crib frame.
  • Use the same bolts and washers you just took out to fasten the toddler rail to the frame and corner posts.
  • Once the toddler rail is securely fastened, tip the Lola Crib back on its feet.
  • Slide the mattress into place, place a freshly-washed crib sheet on top, and wait for the sweet Zzzs!

Where can I find information on transitioning my baby from a crib to toddler bed?
You can find all the information you need about transitioning your baby from the crib to a toddler bed right here! After all, is way more than a convenient online store for you to buy SNOO, Sleepea, the Lola Crib, and more. It’s a trusted website filled with Dr. Harvey Karp’s expert advice on all things baby and toddler sleep…and then some. To get you started on your crib-to-toddler-bed journey, read Dr. Karp’s guide to moving your baby out of the crib and into a toddler bed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great sturdy crib

It was easy to put together with my fiancé. It looks so modern and well made. Definitely worth it.

Hi Franky,

We love to hear that Lola Crib was easy-breezy to assemble and looks lovely in your home! Thanks so much for sharing.


Jess from the Happiest Baby Team

Cute, sturdy, and safe!

The crib was super easy to put together - and it looks/feels premium. We wanted to build our own crib, but ran out of time and got this one. We're so happy that happened, this crib fits right into the nursery!

Hi James,

We're so happy to hear Lola Crib was easy to assemble and looks right at home in your little one's nursery! We're all about safety, comfort, and quality. Thanks so much for sharing.


Jess from the Happiest Baby Team

Catherine H
Gorgeous & Practical!

This is the perfect crib for my little one. The wood is gorgeous and fits perfectly into the nursery. We cannot wait to keep these for years to come and watch it grow with the baby!

Hi Catherine,

We're thrilled to hear your family loves having Lola Crib in your home! Our team is proud to make beautiful, high-quality products that grow with you.


Jess from the Happiest Baby Team

Crib couldn’t be put together properly

Pre-drilled holes did not align. Crib could not be properly assembled. My husband, dad, and I jammed it together with one bolt that could not be secured because of the faulty design. So it’s still missing a bolt that won’t go in, which is not very comforting.
I received a replacement piece which requires I take apart and reassemble the whole crib.
The crib does look nice, however the wood is very soft and scratches easily.

Dear Rachel,
We're so sorry to hear that you were unable to assemble the crib properly. We understand this must be frustrating while preparing for your baby's arrival and we appreciate you working with us so we can make this right. Every order undergoes a thorough quality check, so this is quite unusual and we want to assure you that our team is reviewing this further.

Please follow up with our team if you need any support during this process.

Jess from the Happiest Baby Team

Max A
Seemed decent, but bad customer service

This crib was not manufactured from the factory correctly. It did not have the appropriate nuts installed to connect the footboard to the frame. I sent at least 6 messages and had several phone calls with customer support. They sent a new package of the parts kit I already had. They did not listen to my concerns, as I was telling them exactly what I needed but kept telling me I was wrong. I ultimately got tired of trying and had to return the crib, which is unfortunate as it seemed like a nice crib. However after close to two weeks correspondence to resolve the issue I simply could not wait any longer.

Dear Max,

We're so very sorry to hear this happened and that you were unable to assemble the crib. We understand how frustrating this must be, especially when trying to prepare for your little one. At Happiest Baby, we truly value the families in our community and always want them to feel heard and supported throughout every interaction with us. We would like to continue speaking with you to see how we can best support your family through this process.

All orders undergo a thorough quality check so families get what they need quickly and efficiently. This is very unusual and we want to assure you that our team is looking into this.

We truly appreciate your time and hope to improve your experience going forward.


Jess from the Happiest Baby Team