At a time when over-the-top gender reveals are making the news for all the wrong reasons, we’re all about this sweet alternative: the humble gender reveal cake. Gender reveal cakes are a low-key way to celebrate your little one at your baby shower (plus, it’s an excuse to chow down on cake!).

So, how does a gender reveal cake work? It depends, depending on the baker and the parents’ preferences, but many choose to use cutting the cake as the big reveal moment. Inside, the frosting, the sponge itself, an extra filling like strawberries or blueberries, or even a fun spill of candy or sprinkles will showcase Baby’s sex in pink or blue. Beforehand you (or a trusted friend) will want to slip your baker an ultrasound or test results (we recommend having your doctor/sound tech clearly mark the results because to the untrained eye, it can be hard to tell!). 

Gender reveal cakes run the gamut from fancy to cutesy; our favorites say “baby” but in an elegant way. From traditional to flashy, we’ve rounded up some of the best gender reveal cake ideas to inspire (and sweeten) your pink-and-blue festival of love. 

Artfully Pink & Blue Gender Reveal Cake Idea

 Pink and blue gender reveal cake.

Photo: Instagram/camilamilja

A cake too pretty to eat is a good problem to have! This inspired blend of pink and blue gets extra credit for the florals and gold-tone elements for a central spot on the dessert table that everyone is going to want to photograph before it gets consumed. 

Who Will You Bee? Baby Gender Reveal Cake

 Question-mark-shaped bee-themed gender reveal cake.

Photo: Instagram/cakesbydai

This gender reveal cake combines the popular baby shower bee motif with gender-neutral yellow icing and a creative, question-mark shape to celebrate the moment! We’ll bet that little punctuation dot cupcake is for the parents to bite into, and contains the big news at its center!

Modern & Magnificent Gender Reveal Cake

 Modern pink, blue, and gold gender reveal cake.

Photo: Dress Well Travel Often 

This gender reveal cake features a traditional shape, but this lovely cake is anything but seen. The combination of pink, blue, and gold feels fresh and chic for the modern tradition of the gender reveal. A custom cake topper with the Baby’s last name and an array of flowers and macarons rounds out the lush look.

Cream Puff Tower Gender Reveal Cake

 Tower of pink and blue frosted cream puffs.

Photo: Instagram/jello_sweets

Parents who balk at tradition might consider a tower of tiny treats like cream puffs or donuts in lieu of a standard gender reveal cake. This is a creative and delicious idea that requires no cutting and minimal cleanup to boot.

Rainbow en Route Gender Reveal Cake Idea

 Gender reveal cake with pastel rainbow cake topper.

Photo: Instagram/mysweetdear

A rainbow baby gender reveal deserves a little extra whimsy. This cheerful cake is an absolutely beautiful demonstration of how motifs can be pulled off in a classy way.

Go Halfsies With Your Baby Gender Reveal Cake

 Half pink, half blue gender reveal cake topped with fondant diaper and baby legs.

Photo: Dani Austin

Half pink, half blue is just about the easiest thing to do. We love this idea for a straightforward gender reveal cake idea that can be emulated at home. (Fondant baby feet optional!)

Extra Neutral Gender Reveal Party Cake

 White gender reveal cake displayed on table with pink and blue donuts and cookies.

Photo: Dress Up Buttercup

Consider getting your color on with the cookies, donuts, and other treats at the table and leaving the gender reveal cake itself super neutral. These parents opted for a white iced cake topped with simple greenery, and the effect is stunning in its simplicity.  

Tiny Heartbreaker Gender Reveal Chocolate

 Pink and blue chocolate gender reveal heart with text: BOY OR GIRL

Photo: Instagram/lexihtx

Crack-open chocolate treats (AKA “pinata cakes”) are super trendy right now and a cool option to consider instead of a cake. In the case of a gender reveal, this pretty piece will contain pink or blue candies, sprinkles, or even little nonedible treats. The options are limitless, so have fun!

Maybe Navy Gender Reveal Cake Idea

 Navy and light pink gender reveal cake.

Photo: Instagram/partycakesbyloren

Baby blue gets a lot of play at gender reveal parties, but have you considered this fresh and gorgeous take? A bolder ballet pink paired with navy blue is so pretty and festive, your guests will be gushing. Kick it up a notch by replacing that pink with rose gold and jaws will drop.

Ombré Gender Reveal Cake for the Win

 White frosted gender reveal cake with ombre blue sponge inside.

Photo & How-To: Ashley Brooke Designs

Instead of simple pink or blue filling, consider layers of cake in three to four shades of pink or blue to truly sweeten that big surprise. This style is easier to pull off at home than you might think... 

“Spill the News” Gender Reveal Cake Ideas With Sprinkles

 A sliced gender reveal cake that's spilling pink and red sprinkles.

Photo & To Purchase: Flour Shop

Another “reveal” idea for the cake itself is a hollow center filled with sprinkles or small candies in pink or blue. Cutting into this and watching the filling fall out will create that champagne moment of true celebration when the baby’s sex is revealed. 

Teddy Gender Reveal Cake Topper

 Gender reveal cake with white teddy bear cake topper.

Photo: Instagram/lissieloulondon

Nods to the actual baby can be done in a way that feels elevated and attractive. Gone are the days when characters were just plain tacky. We adore this little geometric teddy bear atop a modern, pink and blue gender reveal cake to inspire and delight. 

Sneaky Strawberries Gender Reveal Idea

Pink and blue chocolate-covered strawberries. 

Photo: Instagram/strawberryseductions

This is another gender reveal dessert idea to consider. The exterior, colored chocolate on these berries varies pink or blue, but just inside that layer reveals a thin bit of dyed buttercream that lets you know if a little mister or sister is on the way. 

Do-NUTS About You Baby Gender Reveal

 Gender reveal cake topped with donuts.

Photo: So Much Life

Is it us, or are donuts pretty much always a good idea? A donut-themed gender reveal gets the sweet treatment with a cake decked out in a tasty pile of the yummy bites.

Frosting Drip Gender Reveal Cake Idea

White gender reveal cake topped with pink and blue frosting that appears to drip down the cake. 

Photo: Beyoutiful Blog 

That frosting dripping down the sides is another important cake trend, and we’re here for it. To accomplish this on your gender reveal cake, simply alternate between pink and blue liquid-y frosting, creating a line around the very top and allowing it to spill over. This cake is topped with a buttercream swan, but you can take it in any direction that fits your fancy.  

More Gender Reveal & Dessert Ideas:

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