Baby shower games are as classic as the big event itself, but the newer trend to throw a gender reveal party is bringing with it a new slew of games aimed at entertaining guests and keeping Mom and Dad laughing throughout. If you’re planning a gender reveal party for a friend or family member (or yourself!), check out our list of the best gender reveal games to get everyone in on the fun.

Gender Reveal Prediction Game

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A gender prediction game is a great icebreaker to play at the start of the party. You can keep it simple with notepad paper or verbal guesses, or buy printables or cards like these for something special that can double as a keepsake for the parents-to-be.  

Down to a Vote Gender Reveal Game Idea

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Check this or that… and turn these cute gender voting cards into a raffle or other fun incentive for the guests!

Old Wives’ Tales Gender Reveal Party Game

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Traditional gender reveal party games are always fun; consider a suite of cards or printables to make the day extra interactive for your guests. This list of old wives’ tales to predict Baby’s gender are a great way to get the crowd in on the action at the gender reveal party.  

Guest Book Alternative Baby Gender Reveal Game

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In lieu of a traditional guest book, have guests sign their names on pink or blue hearts, circles, or another sweet shape to create this living piece of art that will commemorate the special day.

He or She? POP to See! Baby Gender Reveal Game

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Want to really blow your guests away? Get them involved in the big reveal! Supply darts and let them have at it to discover Baby’s gender through balloon popping in the most epic gender reveal game ever.

Biodegradable Cannon Gender Reveal Game

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Create an explosion of fun with these gender reveal cannons that don’t harm the earth! Let the guests get involved to make it feel even more fun and festive.

Gender Reveal Puzzle

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Keep folks guessing with these sweet gender reveal puzzles that are a unique way to let guests find the big reveal at their own pace. Pairs well with cocktails or a snack!

Wear Your Guess DIY Gender Reveal Game

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There are so many cute and easy ways to incorporate this idea—guests can easily pin their gender guess on their shirt or dress for a visual vote and fun photo opp!

Diaper Raffle Gender Reveal Game

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Up the ante on a traditional diaper raffle with a boy/girl guessing station. Guests participating in the raffle can stack their packs in a designated pile to state their gender guess. Choose a runner-up prizewinner from the “losing” stack and first prize from the stack of those who guessed correctly.

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