Doctors used to tell women not to eat anything during labor—they were worried the moms-to-bemight vomit and choke. Now, we know that isn’t a problem and instead of asking women to fast, we tell them to approachlaborlike a marathoner! It's a long game—you’ll need to be properly fueled!

Eat Simple Carbs During Labor

Forget the old advice of fasting and take this as an excuse to carb load! Try eating simple carbs duringlabor to maintain your sugar levelsand keep your energy up!Fruit juice, honey sticks, toast and jam, bread or crackers are all great snacks for labor.

DrinkLots of Electrolytes

You’ll also want to bring a drink that will replenish your electrolytes, such as sports drinks or coconut water.

What to EatAfter Delivery

After delivery, a hydrating fruit like watermelon is a great snack. You also want to have a little fresh aloe vera juice or prune juice, to keep from getting constipated from the combo of fasting and carbs.

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