7 Weeks Pregnant: Baby Update

Holy growth spurt! Your baby has doubled in size since last week. They’re around a half-inch long now. At about 165 beats per minute, their heart is beating twice as fast as yours. Your bub’s bones are forming, and they might begin hiccupping. Last week, their nose began to take shape, and this week, the rest of your little one’s facial features are emerging: nostrils, lips and even a tiny tongue.

How Many Months is 7 Weeks Pregnant?

7 weeks pregnant is 1-1/2 months pregnant.  

Baby’s Size at 7 Weeks Pregnant

At 7 weeks, your baby is the size of a chocolate-covered peanut!

7 Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect

Burp! This week, you might feel like you’re producing more gas than the state of Texas. Blame progesterone again. This hormone causes your muscles to relax, meaning food is now moseying down your digestive track at a snail’s pace, allowing more gas to build in the process.

Pregnant or not, everyone has gas. If the sudden increase is bothering you, there are a few simple solutions. Cut back on foods you know to be gas-producing, like beans and vegetables in the cabbage family (think: broccoli, brussels sprouts, and cauliflower). Drink plenty of water to help digestion and opt for non-constrictive clothing (in other words: bring on the stretchy pants!). Eat meals slowly, and be sure to chew each bite thoroughly. That way, the saliva in your mouth will begin to break down the food before it even enters your stomach. Finally, take a walk after you eat. The movement will help you process your meal. Plus, it may feel liberating to let a few rip outside in the breeze.

7 Weeks Pregnant: To-Do List

  • Discuss your health history with both sides of your family: Before your first doctor’s appointment, find out as much as you can about your health history. Do you have cancer in your family, or a risk of genetic disorders? During your initial prenatal appointment, your OB/GYN or midwife will want to compile a complete rundown for both you and your partner. They will also ask you about your mother’s pregnancies and will be most concerned with fetal issues as well as conditions like diabetes and preeclampsia. Now is a good time to ask your parents a few probing questions! If partnered, it can be extremely helpful to have your other-half at this appointment to answer questions about their side of the family.

  • Clean up your cleaning products: While you’re working so hard to make your body a place where your baby will thrive, it’s time to make sure your home is just as safe. The Environmental Working Group has an easy-to-search database to help you research every product under your sink, from dishwashing detergent to toilet-bowl cleaner. Look out for toxic ingredients like ammonia and chlorine.

  • Read the fine print on your health insurance: All insurance plans available on the public marketplace, as well as Medicaid, are required to cover pregnancy and childbirth. Having a baby means you qualify to enroll or change insurance, even when open enrollment is closed (it’s considered a “life event” that qualifies you to make changes). With some policies, you’ll barely see a bill or pay a copay, while others will ask you to pay until you hit a deductible. Find out how much your insurance will cover so you can start budgeting.

  • Take a probiotic: You’ve probably heard that folate, iron, and protein are all crucial to growing a healthy baby. What rarely gets discussed, though, is the importance of probiotics. Available in either pill or food form (yogurt, kimchi), probiotics support healthy digestion, help you build immunity, and safeguard against harmful bacterial growth and potential vaginal infections (which you’re more prone to during pregnancy). The healthier your vaginal flora, the better bacteria mix you’ll pass on to your baby in labor. Studies suggest that probiotics also decrease your risk of preeclampsia. As with all supplements, discuss with your doctor before proceeding.

Pregnancy Quote of the Week 

“Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” —Elizabeth Stone

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