11 Weeks Pregnant: Baby Update

Inside your growing uterus, your baby is kicking, spinning, and swimming… though you won’t feel them stirring for weeks and weeks. Their bones are hardening, and they’re producing sterile urine. They’re inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid, a practice that helps their tiny lungs take shape. 

As your baby’s limbs grow, their hands and feet continue to develop. They’re still webbed at this point, but grooves have formed between the fingers and toes. Wrists, ankles, and genitals are forming. Your peanut has the beginning of taste buds, but they can’t taste what you are eating just yet. 

How Many Months is 11 Weeks Pregnant?

11 weeks pregnant is about 2-1/2 months pregnant.

Baby’s Size at 11 Weeks

At 11 weeks, your baby is the size of a fig. 

11 Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect

Pregnancy glow? More like pregnancy breakouts! While for some, the increase of pregnancy hormones translates to a radiant complexion, for many others it leads to acne. And zit-zapping can be tricky during pregnancy. Accutane is especially damaging and dangerous and should be avoided during pregnancy. Tretinoin (Retin-A) and benzoyl peroxide aren’t recommended, either—even at over-the-counter dosages. Instead, reach for products with salicylic or glycolic acid. If you schedule a facial, make sure to tell your esthetician that you’re expecting.  

While your skin may be freaking out, your hair and nails are Instagram-ready! During pregnancy, your hair growth cycle revs up (thanks to increased blood volume and circulation to the scalp), meaning it’s probably thicker and more luxurious than ever before.

Post-baby, many experience what’s called telogen effluvium or TE, which means temporary hair loss or shedding. It’s super common and can start as soon as three weeks post-birth, so enjoy your full, flowy locks now! (Don’t worry…TE will eventually subside, and your hair will return to normal. Occasionally, the increase in hair growth during pregnancy won’t be confined to your head. Hirsutism—when hair begins growing in places like your back, legs or anywhere else where you were previously not that hairy—also goes away post-birth. It’s nothing a razor can’t handle!

11 Weeks Pregnant: To-Do List

  • Budget for baby: Does your impending bundle have you seeing dollar signs? There’s certainly a lot to consider, from gear (baby bodysuits, stroller, crib, car seat, diapers) to the actual cost of the birth to childcare afterward. It’s a good time to begin looking into the cost of childcare options in your area, from daycare to nanny services to au pairs. The more you can plan ahead, the less you’ll have to pinch pennies later. 

  • Consider a doula: Doulas are often referred to as “labor coaches,” but they’re so much more than that. Doulas are trained to offer physical, emotional and informational support throughout the birth process. Typically, a doula will help you flesh out your birth plan and will work hard to make sure your needs are met during labor. During labor, doctors and midwives will help you birth, but a doula will stay with you before labor, while you labor and afterward to make sure you are recovering. Doulas will also travel with you if you have to transfer from a home birth or birthing center to a hospital. Why hire a doula? Studies have shown that doulas greatly improve labors and births. Doula-assisted labors are generally shorter, with fewer complications, and they help to reduce the chance of a C-section or other interventions. Parents who hire doulas report being more pleased by their births. And doulas can assist post-birth, offering everything from housekeeping help to breastfeeding advice (more about postpartum doulas).

  • Start walking: Expecting parents used to be thought of as fragile, and doctors advised against working out during pregnancy. Oh, how times have changed! Now we know that fitness is great for both parent and baby during pregnancy. Walking is one of the best workouts to try, especially if you did not have a fitness routine prior to getting pregnant. Swimming and prenatal yoga are also safe, low-impact workouts. (Check out these bump-friendly pregnancy workouts!) 

Pregnancy Quote of the Week

 “Sometimes the most urgent and vital thing you can do...is take a nap.” —Ashley Brilliant  

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