In recent years the national conversation about mental health has begun to shake some of the stigma that shrouded it for so long. With that, mental health support has become more expansive (especially as great virtual options have cropped up). But for too many Black Americans, there are still barriers in place that make attaining quality mental health care more difficult than it should be. And, Black moms and dads may need these services more than their white counterparts. Black Americans face racism, discrimination, and economic disparities in ways that white people simply don't, making the need for quality and affordable mental health services even more urgent. In fact, according to one report, Black people are more likely to report persistent sadness, emotional distress, and hopelessness than their white peers.

No parent or child should have to suffer alone. Whether you’re looking for the right therapist for yourself or your child, financial support to put that therapy within reach, or other mental health resources, we hope this list can make getting help a little easier.

Association of Black Psychologists

If you’re looking for a Black psychologist, access this simple database that can show you professionals listed by state. If a state does not list any Black psychologists, that doesn’t necessarily mean that there are none, it may just be that there aren't any who have registered with this particular association yet.

Melanin and Mental Health

Therapy is not a one-size-fits-all, which is why the founders of Melanin and Mental Health decided to create a resource of culturally competent clinicians specifically for Black and Latinx people. Their site connects individuals with therapists, events, and free resources on quality mental health. 

BEAM Black Emotional and Mental Health

BEAM is a collective of experts who work together to help Black communities heal emotionally and mentally from the trauma of racism. With the help of yoga instructors, advocates, teachers, psychologists, religious leaders, and others, Black communities have better access to mental health services that target specific needs. Of particular interest, they’re also starting a network of virtual Black therapists.

Sista Afya

Sista Afya's primary intention is to bring quality mental health to Black women. The group works to create and sustain mental health wellness through community outreach programs that include individual and group therapy, community workshops, holistic healing events, and much more.

Black Men Heal

Services include individual psychotherapy, group therapy, training to groups and companies, and speaking engagements that each aim to empower Black men to heal through access to mental health treatment. Black Men Heal works with men across all financial situations to ensure that an individual can access therapy.  

Ourselves Black

Ourselves Black is both a digital and print magazine rooted in the storytelling experience of Black and brown people. With powerful images and stories, the group shares what the struggle for mental health looks like for people of color. Ourselves Black also gives a robust list of resources, including a providers directory, a mental illness library, and a specific section for parents.  

POC Online Classroom

POC Online Classroom is a stripped-down site that includes lists of lessons on self-care, mental health, and healing for people of color and within activist movements. Among the loaded reading list and resources, you’ll also find this particularly helpful gem: a massive, crowd-sourced Google Doc list of specific actions to take for self-care based on what you’re feeling. 

Henry Health

Henry Health provides culturally sensitive, evidence-based programming mental health services for Black men and their families. Their unique site provides online therapy centered around the stressors that are unique to Black men and families, including trauma from racism and discrimination and covers issues ranging from addiction to finances, and relationships, and more.  

Black Female Therapists

As you might expect from the name, here you can access a directory to Black female therapists (or Black male therapists). Also check out their Instagram for bite-sized mental health and their podcast.

The Loveland Foundation  

Spearheaded by activist Rachel Cargle, this organization provides financial assistance to Black women and girls seeking therapy.

Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation

Founded by actress Taraji P. Henson in honor of her late father who wrestled with mental health issues following his tour of duty in Vietnam, this foundation aims to help other Black Americans access the mental health resources they need. In addition to virtual resources and a therapist directory, the organization also funds scholarships for Black students pursuing mental health careers, as well as mental health programs in schools, prisons, and more.

Therapy for Black Girls 

In addition to allowing users to search for nearby providers, Therapy for Black Girls offers a host of other resources—including a podcast and a members-only virtual community—designed to help Black women and girls to thrive. 

Inclusive Therapists

This easy-to-search database helps people find therapists who celebrate their identity, so you can find the perfect professional for your needs. Filter by type of service, location and more.  

Additional Mental Health Resources for Black Families

This is another comprehensive list of mental health and wellness resources, compiled by Patia Borja. 

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