Allison Crawford may be a first-time mom but she's experienced in interior design. Allison is the owner of HOTELette, a collection of luxury design-centered Airbnbs in Nashville, Austin, and Dallas.

Allison has been flipping and renovating houses for 10 years but turned her passion into a full-time business five years ago. With her keen eye for gorgeous design, it's no wonder her nursery for her daughter, Lia, is so dreamy.

Originally, Allison's vision was that the nursery was going to be white and gender-neutral but then she found herself "struggling with the lack of color." She settled on Pop by CLARE, a sweet coral pink and used it to paint the whole room, moving away from her initial vision of a white nursery and into a vibrant space.

Sticking with the theme of a vibrant space is the rug which is a vintage Moroccan piece. Throughout the room are animal touches including a giraffe print.

"I love animal prints and use them as neutrals in my interior design projects," Allison said. "The giraffe hanging on the wall was a splurge from Serena and Lily and adds playfulness and texture to the space."

Above the changing table hangs a colorful mobile which Allison grabbed from Etsy.

"I wanted something to captivate her attention plus it's made by a female maker which is a bonus," she said.

And Lia's book collection is on display.

"Lia already has an enviable book collection about strong women and travel," Allison said. "All her books were gifts from family and friends."

Allison is already looking into the future—although she loves Lia's nursery, she's already mentally designed her sweet baby's toddler room.

"That's the best part of using paint and you can just paint over it and create a totally different space." she said.

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