It's that time of year! The weather changes and so many kids get sick. Here are a few remedies for your little patient!

Nose Washers

Sounds weird, but it works! Collect some breastmilk from your nipple with an eyedropper, then tip back your baby’s head and put a drop or two into his nostrils. (Breastmilk contains white blood cells and antibodies that can fight off colds!)

Nose Suckers

Babies breathe out of their nose, so they hate when it's filled with mucous. I suggest swaddling first, putting a drop of saline nose drops (sold at any drug store) or breastmilk in the nose, and then using a nose sucker/nasal bulb syringe, to suck out the water…and loosened mucous.


Cool mist humidifiers are a must-have to keep mucous loose—especially if you live in a dry climate or high altitude. Remember to use distilled water and clean your humidifier.

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