There’s a lot of build-up to a baby’s arrival, so it can be easy to put all of your focus on D-day (delivery day, that is!), without digging into the nitty-gritty details about what comes next. Once labor is in your rearview mirror and that brand-new human is in your arms, even the most prepared moms might feel like they have more questions than answers. After all, the first days and weeks of a newborn’s life are full of surprises.

So, recently, we asked you about the things that you wished you knew about newborns before you welcomed your little one. Here’s what you told us.

A sleeping newborn is peaceful…but not so quiet!

That they’re so loud when they sleep! I never knew such a tiny being could make such grunting noises. 😂  – @sam.mooneyjam

How noisy newborns are when they sleep! – @tombombsmom

Newborn life is messy…

I wish I knew how often I’d be covered in puke. 🤣 —@keltret

…and sometimes 💩 gets REAL.

Breastfed babies might not poop for several days, and it’s totally normal. Also, watch out for when they do poop because...💩💩💩💩 – @steph515

The explosive 💩. –@laurenlbusch

The amount of newborn gas can…blow you away.

Gas issues. Why is this a state secret? 🤣 – @mrs.monkeybrown

Gas! Farting all day and night, and the pediatrician said it was totally normal. – @_arlenemedina

Sometimes scary-seeming issues have not-so-scary explanations and solutions.

I wish I had known about ties since my little one had lip, buccal, and tongue tie and couldn’t even eat from a bottle. We didn’t figure it out until she was 4 months. –@acheeca.keea 

That if they don’t spend long in the birth canal, or [were born via] C-section, there’s a chance that not all of the amniotic fluid will be drained (ringed out) from their lungs.... I wish I had known this. Our daughter at 1 day old suddenly vomited clear liquid and gagged, struggling to breathe…it was terrifying. I think having a heads up would have made us calmer through this moment. 🙌🏻🥰 –@wittenbergwahine 

That failing the first hearing test in the hospital is actually normal. Had us even more on edge as new parents until she saw the specialist 2 weeks later. Her hearing was totally fine! Was just amniotic fluid in the ear. –@ashdherrington

Newborns sleep and wake on their own schedule.

That they have their nights and days confused early on! 🙏🏻 –@hillarygrassano 

Mealtime is…ALL the time!

Cluster feeding! “There’s no way this baby is hungry again so soon!” –@stephhhdotcom 

Immediately post-baby, you may not feel like having visitors.

That it can be rude and overwhelming to visit a brand-new mama the day after giving birth! –@healthyvillagemama

Every baby is unique!

That they are all so different! My first was colicky and never slept and my third slept all day to where I thought something was wrong with her. I wouldn’t have blamed myself so much for how hard my first was—it’s just his nature (still is 😂). –@brikindalikethecheese

And newborn life is actually pretty amazing…

That they are awesome. 🖤😍 –@my.wild.babes

…but it goes by REALLY fast.

That they would grow out of the newborn stage in 5 seconds! –@speechsisters

To really cherish every moment! I spent the whole time worrying about everything; worrying about him, worrying I wasn’t good enough, worrying that I didn’t have a clue (and I’m not normally someone who worries!). It can be so hard that you can miss how magical it is at the same time! It’s a cliché but enjoy it; it only lasts a few months in the scheme of a lifetime. –@fashpackstyle

What surprised YOU the most about newborns? Let us know in the comments!

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