There are a lot of baby swaddles out there! There’s the swaddle your BFF suggested. There’s the old-school swaddle your mom swears by and, of course, the trendy baby swaddles that follow you around Instagram. But reviewers and parents alike agree, there’s one that rises above the rest: Sleepea!

This highly-rated, award-winning baby swaddle was designed by a world renowned pediatrician, features an innovative design that’s proven to be easy-as-can-be, and delivers major ZZZs! Here’s why Sleepea is everyone’s favorite swaddle…

Makes Swaddling Easy-Peasy

Busy, bleary-eyed parents don’t have the time or energy for complicated folding…especially at 2am! But Sleepea’s innovative design makes it so you can swaddle in a couple of quick steps: Simply secure the arm and leg flaps, zip up the speedy two-way zipper…and get ready for ZZZs! That’s why Good Housekeeping testers praised our “5-Second Swaddle” for being “foolproof,” and The New York Times reported that Sleepea was among the “easiest” swaddles they’ve ever tried!


Helps Babies Sleep Longer & Happier

Sleepea’s snug inner bands help recreate the cozy hug of the womb, which helps turn on a baby’s calming reflex (basically their “on” switch for sleep and “off” switch for crying). Plus, it keeps those tiny hands wrapped tight so babies don’t wake themselves up with a nose whack in the middle of the night! 


Safe & Secure

Thanks to its inner arm bands and leg flap, The New York Times reports that Sleepea is the “most effective” swaddle for keeping babies securely wrapped. That’s super important because loose blankets are dangerous for babies under 1. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics encourages parents to opt for a ready-made swaddle, like Sleepea, over wrapping with a traditional swaddle blanket that can unravel while Baby sleeps.


Parents trust Sleepea because it was designed by Dr. Harvey Karp—the pediatrician who put swaddling on the map! In other words, families can rest easy knowing that each detail was created with baby safety in mind. For example, Sleepea’s figure-eight shape ensures babies can easily bend, flex, and open their hips all while their upper body remains snug. That’s why Sleepea is certified hip-safe by the Hip Dysplasia Institute.

Grows With Baby

When your baby’s ready, Sleepea easily transitions for arms-out sleep! Sleepea features “secret” snaps on the shoulders, allowing the swaddle to morph into an arms-out sleep sack, too. It’s no wonder Good Housekeeping voted Sleepea Best Transitional Swaddle!

Once your baby can roll, you’ll need to start swaddling arms out. That’s because babies need to be able to use their hands to push up if they roll onto their tummy. (Always consult your baby’s doctor for their advice.)

Soft, Breathable & Organic

Sleepea is made of 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton—which keeps babies comfy and is gentle on their delicate skin. And our original Sleepea swaddle features mesh panels at the shoulders and knees to allow for even more airflow!

Cozy & Safe for Cool Nights

The original Sleepea 5-Second Swaddle is an all-seasons swaddle with a Thermal Overall Grade (TOG) rating of 0.5. That said, when there’s a nip in the air, families can opt for the slightly warmer Sleepea Comforter Swaddle, which has a TOG rating of 2.0. It’s the same breathable Sleepea swaddle parents love, only it’s lightly insulated for extra-cozy sleeps on cool nights, and its smooth, two-way zipper is slightly off-center for an even more easy-peasy zip-up.


The Ultimate SNOO-to-Crib Transition Helper

Many parents are familiar with SNOO, the award-winning smart bassinet that responds to a baby’s cries with gentle sound and motion. But what you may not have realized is that Dr. Karp created both of these baby product game-changers!  Sleepea is almost identical to the SNOO Sack! The only difference? A SNOO Sack features patented wings that clip into the bassinet, but Sleepea—designed for use outside of SNOO—doesn’t need them. This makes Sleepea the ideal swaddle for SNOO babies to use when transitioning to the crib and/or when they happen to take a SNOO-free slumber. (The familiarity of the sack will be a comfort to your little one!) This also means that families without a SNOO are still able to enjoy some of SNOO’s sleep-helping perks thanks to Sleepea! 

Consistently Voted the Best Swaddle!

Here’s just a taste of all the awards Happiest Baby’s Sleepea Swaddle has racked up over the years:

  • Babylist: Best Easy Swaddle
  • Forbes: Best Newborn Swaddle
  • Good Housekeeping: Best Transitional Swaddle
  • Healthline: Best Newborn Swaddle
  • Parents: Best Newborn Swaddle
  • The Bump: Top Swaddle
  • The New York Times: Best Baby Swaddle
  • USA Today Reviewed: Best Baby Swaddle
  • What to Expect: Easiest Swaddle


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