Tiny artists are adorable, and treasuring their little projects is just a part of the parenting gig. But if we’re being honest, most of what the littles work on at school or at home ends up boxed or trashed because it can all be… overwhelming. There’s good news, though. First, you’re an awesome parent whether you keep every little piece of artwork they create or not. And second, we’ve rounded up some super simple ways to display your favorite pieces…no messy paper piles necessary!

Strung Up Kids’ Artwork Display

Kids art displayed on wire clothesline 

Photo: Instagram/raisingwildflowerkids

Using wire or string and clothespins or clips, create a super simple rotating gallery that the kids can use to hang up their own work. Make it a fun family project to cycle masterpieces out every month or so and save what’s most special.

Framed Collage of Kids’ Artwork

Framed collage of child's artwork 

Photo: Instagram/sosindoorkids

Arrange your child’s best and most recent pieces, matte and frame it, and bring a wall (or several!) of your home alive with the joy of children’s artwork. You can group pieces by colorway, age, season, subject, or whatever best suits you and your pint-sized Picasso.

Big Bulletin Board to Display Kids’ Artwork

Bulletin board decorated with child's artwork 

Photo: Instagram/thegoatabode

Bright, colorful, fun, and fresh! A large bulletin board is one of the simplest ways to corral and display all that artwork. Pin it up daily or weekly and cycle out older pieces that are ready for permanent storage (or the trash…) when the board starts to get too full. 

Immortalized Kids’ Artwork Display

 Wooden keepsake with child's artwork displayed

Photo & Purchase Info: Instagram/marikaknowsthings

Have a favorite piece? Make it last forever with a wood rendering and your child’s description of it. This is the kind of treasured possession you can give a spouse, grandparent, or co-parent for a holiday or milestone that will absolutely bring on the happy tears.

Strips & Clips Kids’ Artwork Display

Kids' artwork displayed on magnetic strips with clips. 

Photo: Instagram/pinkyandperkysdad

A similar format to the string or wire idea, but with more structure. This DIY can come together in the space of an afternoon and will ensure an easy, attractive spot for artwork display in the months and years to come. The strips you see here are actually slats from an old crib… what do you have on hand that you can turn into something similar?

Personalized Plaque Kids’ Art Display

Personalized painted plaque with clothespins to display child's artwork 

Photo & To Purchase: Instagram/pippascreation

Petite, pastel, and personalized! This darling mini plaque can go in your little guy or girl’s room, in the playroom, kitchen, or anywhere in the house that you have some wall space to spare. Because it only has a handful of clips, it will keep the display from getting chaotic and force your little artist (and yourself) to streamline and be choosy about what’s included. 

Kid Art Gallery Wall

 Gallery wall with framed pieces of child's artwork

Photo: Instagram/iekelroadhome

Photo gallery walls are all the rage; why not follow suit with the mini masterpieces lying around the house? This looks so polished and organized, leaving a bright spot on a quiet wall in any room of the home. These kids came home and found their very own art gallery wall at the entrance of their bedroom, which was—obviously—a thrilling surprise. 

Kids’ Artwork Display Book

 Child holds bound book of his artwork

Photo: Instagram/doodle_nest

Especially if you have a lot of art, keeping it all can feel overwhelming and messy. Conquer the stack by having it printed into a book. You can make a volume annually as an easy and attractive way to hold onto those sweet pieces for years to come, without having to cling to every little scrap of paper your child’s creativity has touched.  

Magnetic Display Boards 

Kids art displayed on the wall with magnetic strips

Photo & To Purchase: Pottery Barn Kids 

It doesn’t get easier than an already put-together magnetic strip on the wall that holds your little one’s artwork in place without damaging it. This setup from Pottery Barn Kids is kid-approved and a parent-pleaser to boot. 

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