Where did the time go? Your baby is turning TWO, and this is such a fun age to combine their interests with your decorating prowess for a “two-ly” spectacular birthday party. We’ve put together a list of the best 2nd birthday party ideas for boys and girls, with a bit of photo inspiration to get your creative juices flowing. Have fun and don’t forget to take a lot of pictures, because this stage of toddlerhood is over way “two” soon. 

Off 2 The Races 2nd Birthday Theme

Styled table with rocking horse and images for a derby-themed 2nd birthday party. 

Photo: Pizzazzerie

A derby theme birthday is such a classic and cool idea for your tot. Horse and racing elements—including sweet prize ribbons, picket fences, and so on—are all very welcome here. This 2nd birthday theme is traditionally green and white but as shown, any color palette can be beautiful... We are loving the preppy blues and easy neutrals.

Oh Two-dles Minnie Mouse 2nd Birthday Theme

Minnie-mouse themed birthday party with balloons that spell TWO-DLES.

Photo: The Celebration Stylist

This party uses the clubhouse catchphrase (“Oh, toodles!”) as a jumping off point for a Minnie-Mouse-themed affair. Consider going all-out with balloons in bright and pale pink; and of course, add lots of bows to the space because that is Miss Mouse’s most famous trademark. 

Love You Two the Moon 2nd Birthday Theme

Space-themed ballon garland with balloon letters spelling out “Love You Two the Moon” 

Photo & to Purchase: Soiree Love

Reach for the stars with this gender-neutral 2nd birthday party theme. Sandwiches cut out with moon shaped cookie cutters, even a rocket ship in the corner would be in the right universe. And moon and star motifs displayed among your balloons and paper goods will be an out-of-this-world touch. This is another theme that works with many color ways—but be sure to bring in metallics for some space-age sheen, no matter which direction your planning takes. 

Bibbidi Bobbidi TWO 2nd Birthday Idea

Cinderella-themed toddler birthday party table with a pumpkin carriage centerpiece and pale blue birthday cake. 

Photo: Project Nursery

Two is the beginning of a true appreciation for the magic of Disney. Give your little princess or prince a dazzling day of fun and glamour with a Cinderella-themed birthday party that’s sure to impress all their fancy friends, from glass-slipper shaped cookies to a dress-up station and extra-special details and displays inspired by the movie, like in the example shown here.

Two by Two 2nd Birthday Idea

Noah’s ark-themed 2nd birthday party with rainbow decor and ark-shaped goodie bags. 

Photo: Kara’s Party Ideas

A Noah’s Ark theme is a super-sweet 2nd birthday party idea for a boy or a girl, or in this case, one of each... twins! Two turning two is even more of a reason to explore this adaptable and child-friendly 2-year-old birthday party theme. This mom went with arks, rainbows, and lots of animal pairs for a fete flooded with charm. 

Tea for Two 2nd Birthday Theme

Tea-party-themed 2nd birthday party featuring a pastel-colored cookie, tea, and cake display.

 Photo: Bits of Bri

Quickly becoming a modern classic, this adorable 2nd birthday idea will charm your 2-year-old and their friends. We love that the food options built into a tea party are minimal and easy. You can go over-the-top with this theme or execute it simply. Keep an eye on little details like table linens and pretty paper goods, and make sure to teach the pint-sized guests all about pinky-lifting and sandwich-nibbling at their first fancy soirée. 

Chugga Two Two 2nd Birthday Theme

Train-themed 2nd birthday party with personalized conductor hat party favors. 

Photo: Inspired by This

Planes, trains, and automobiles… any “things that go” theme is bound to charm your toddler. But if you’d like to narrow it down, may we suggest this absolutely perfect party theme for a 2nd birthday? Chugga Two-Two can be as big or as little as you want to make it, from simple, store-bought Thomas printables and party favors to a custom color scheme and personalized conductor hats. 

Have Your Cake and Eat It Two 2nd Birthday Theme

 2nd birthday party cake display with the words “Have your cake and eat it two”

Photo: Instagram/happylittlehansons

Nothing speaks to a toddler quite like sweets, so why not create an entire party around… cake! A cake-themed 2nd birthday party gives you lots of flexibility. You will have an absolute blast selecting pretty, inviting details to deck out the space in style for your little sweets-eater. When cake is at the center of the celebration, the details really just need to look like a party

Two Infinity and Beyond 2nd Birthday Idea

Toy Story-themed birthday party cookie display with cookies decorated as Ham and Woody. 

Photo: Catch My Party

Another character-forward 2nd birthday idea that satisfies your little one’s love of movies and your propensity toward party planning! Toy Story is that quintessential childhood movie that many of us grew up on and are now enjoying with our little ones. Gather goods on Etsy or Amazon, make your own, or do a mix of all three. Primary colors and familiar faces are all you need to take this cute Disney party idea two the stratosphere. 

One TWO Buckle My Shoe 2nd Birthday Theme

2nd birthday party cake with a shoe-shaped cake-topper.

Photo: Life Love and Littles

Your little goody two-shoes is going to go head over feet for this charming 2nd birthday idea. Any shoe-loving little will enjoy pointing, flexing, tiptoeing, and dancing around their party space in their favorite kicks. Print out coloring sheets, procure shoe-shaped cookie cutters for sandwiches, and give out little princess shoes or cozy slippers as party favors for your two-cute guests.

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