The word ‘smart’ gets thrown around a lot today. We have smart phones, smart homes, smart speakers… and, of course, there’s SNOO—the world’s only smart bassinet! (In fact, the category “smart sleeper” didn’t even exist until SNOO was invented and patented the term!)

So What Makes SNOO So ‘Smart’?

By definition, smart products use sensors to detect and adapt. They’re dynamic and have the ability to synthesize or evaluate information. SNOO is smart because it responds to a baby’s cries with a sophisticated algorithm that mimics the actions of an experienced caregiver.

When SNOO detects fussing or crying, it responds to the upset baby by providing exactly what that specific baby needs at that given time. SNOO automatically chooses the best motion (a gentle rock for sleep, a more rapid jiggle for fussing babies), as well as the best white noise (soothing rain for a sleeping baby, and louder womb sounds for a screaming baby). It increases its intervention automatically with the best sound and motion until the baby is calm, and then reduces its response once the baby has been soothed. 

In addition to adapting its response within the course of a night or nap, SNOO has full functionality that adjusts to different stages of a baby’s life. SNOO’s preemie setting uses a baby’s due date to respond with gentler, more limited motion until they reach their original due date, while SNOO’s weaning feature makes transitioning to the crib a breeze once they’re ready to graduate from SNOO!

What About Rocking Bassinets?

SNOO is a big upgrade from swings or rocking bassinets that have a few different sound or motion settings but require someone to manually make adjustments. Because these products lack the ability to respond to babies, by definition, they are not ‘smart’. 

Unfortunately, the term ‘smart’ is sometimes mistakenly applied to any device that’s plugged in or connected in some way. But simply being able to move, make noise, or being controlled by an app doesn’t make a bassinet smart. In fact, rocking baby beds have existed since the early 20th century, and the first electric rocking cradle debuted all the way back in 1924! 

Happiest Baby didn’t simply give the basic baby swing a flat-surface face-lift—it innovated the baby bed for the first time in centuries and made SNOO, the first intelligent, responsive baby bed…ever! How’s that for smart?

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