If you’re shopping for a bassinet, you’re probably eager to read all the SNOO Smart Sleeper Bassinet reviews that you can! After all, where your baby sleeps is an important decision that you’ll want to put a lot of thought into. To make it easier to find real SNOO reviews, we’ve rounded up some popular Happiest Baby SNOO Reviews from experts and customers alike. Keep reading for SNOO Smart Sleeper reviews from verified buyers as well as respected publications and experts.  

Do pediatricians and doctors recommend SNOO?

Even better than simply being recommended by a pediatrician or doctor, SNOO was created by one of the most renowned pediatricians! Dr. Harvey Karp—author of bestselling book The Happiest Baby on the Block—invented SNOO based on his decades of practicing pediatrics and his research on newborn babies and calming colicky crying. The landmark innovation has been shown to calm most crying in under a minute and add an average of an hour of sleep a night on average. That’s probably why doctors, nurses, and pediatricians count themselves among SNOO’s many fans!  

For example, Dr. Lauren Pioppo, who works in internal medicine, said that she “had success from day one,” and  that SNOO’s safety features “really helps me relax. 

And ER nurse Miranda Cozad said she decided to get SNOO in part because it gave her peace of mind that her baby would sleep safely. “You can’t put a price on the safety of your child,” she stated.

Likewise, psychologist Dr. Michelle Casarella had such a positive experience with SNOO that she now recommends it to her mom patients. “I tell first-time moms that SNOO is the first thing they should put on their registry,” she said.

So, what do the experts think of SNOO? Here are some popular SNOO reviews:

The New York Times’ Wirecutter team has been using and testing SNOO since 2018. In Wirecutter’s SNOO review, the team ultimately agreed that SNOO was “in a league of its own,” with the lead tester noting that from day one of use with her son,  SNOO “proved to be effective at keeping him asleep longer than any other bassinet in our testing lineup.”

Dad-centric site Fathercraft had two families test SNOO for 30 days. Their verdict? SNOO did a “magic trick” of calming babies and improving sleep, while giving testers time to do other things (like spending time with a partner) while SNOO helped calm fussing and extend sleep. 

In the EveryMom’s honest SNOO review, their tester was initially skeptical, but found that SNOO was worth it. She said that before SNOO, her newborn would wake every 10 to 30 minutes, but in SNOO her baby was sleeping 2- to 3-hour stretches. 

After the Good Housekeeping Institute’s expert panel tested SNOO for more than 4,500 days of sleep, Good Housekeeping gave SNOO “high scores across the board, especially for being easy to use, its responsiveness to baby's cries and for promoting better sleep — both with babies and their parents.” 

In their SNOO review, the baby gear pros at Lucie’s List said that parents agreed that SNOO not only gives parents peace of mind, but it also “very literally helps babies sleep better and longer by mimicking conditions in the womb.”

Real SNOO Customer Reviews

Wondering what real SNOO customers have to say about their experience? You can read customer SNOO reviews on our product review page

Some highlights from our more than 2,000 five-star reviews include:

  • “This has been an absolute LIFE SAVER! Worth every single penny.”
  • “Best invention EVER!!”
  • “Responsible for any of the sleep we got as new parents!”
  • “...it is worth every penny to have the peace of mind that our baby is safe and happy for the solid stretches of time he’s sleeping.”
  • “SNOO has drastically improved the newborn experience for all of us.”
  • “Went from baby not sleeping on her own at all to sleeping several hours at a time. Definitely a game changer!”

Likewise our Amazon SNOO reviews are just as glowing, with users saying…

  • “...hands-own the best middle-of-the-night purchase I've EVER made.”
  • “Helps us get long stretches of sleep!”
  • “...it was kind of a miracle and absolutely worth the cost.”
  • “...I cannot imagine how we would have coped without the SNOO.”
  • “...it has been a life changer and worth its weight in gold!!!”
  • “The SNOO has totally lived up to the hype for me. My baby loves it and it's so easy to put him to sleep.”

Other HappiestBaby.com Product Reviews

SNOO isn’t the only Happiest Baby product that parents love! 

HappiestBaby.com Product Reviews: Sleepea

Sleepea is consistently rated a top swaddle… 

The New York Times picked Happiest Baby’s Sleepea as their top swaddle, noting in their review that it “is the most effective swaddle we tested. It keeps babies snug and secure with a unique interior Velcro panel and it’s safe, comfortable, and easy to use.” 

USA Today’s Reviewed deemed Sleepea the Best Overall Swaddle they tested, saying Sleepea “will have your baby cozy in seconds and sleeping soundly through the night.”

Sleepea also won a ParentsBest for Nursery” award for “Best Newborn Swaddle.” In their review, Parents said that their reviewers “love that this swaddle is functional, simple, high-quality, and easy to clean. And it really works!”

New York Magazine's Strategist included Sleepea among their "Best Gifts for New Moms," with the reviewer stating, "I swear by this award-winning zipper swaddle that literally takes five seconds" in their product review. 

Real customers echo these praises in their five-star Sleepea product reviews!

  • “The only swaddle my newborn with hulk like strength won’t wiggle out of!”
  • “I purchased so many swaddles in the early weeks of my sons life. This was the only one that worked for him!”
  • “This swaddle coaxed our newborn to sleep more effectively than any others we tried because it kept him snuggly and securely swaddled. It was also the easiest to use by far.”
  • “This is our favorite swaddle for putting our daughter to bed. It's very fast and secure…”
  • “This is our favorite swaddle by far!! She falls asleep so fast and sleep through the night. it’s lightweight but nice and snug.” 

Read more Sleepea reviews!

HappiestBaby.com Product Reviews: White Noise

Our white noise machines have also impressed parents!

Cosmopolitan made SNOObie named SNOObie a “Best Baby Shower Gift,” calling it a “versatile, necessary noise machine. And in their Happiest Baby product review, The Fashion Spot declared SNOObie a product that “the fashion set is loving.”

Good Housekeeping called SNOObear their “Best Bedtime Helper.” Similarly, Momtastic proclaimed in their product review that SNOObear plays “genius white noise that seems to work on all babies to help put them to sleep.”

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