Remember back in 2020, in the thick of the pandemic, when we’d lean out our windows, stand on our stoops, and line the streets cheering for healthcare workers? We were—and continue to be—immensely grateful for their sacrifices and dedication. While, of course, all nurses deserve those massive kudos, at Happiest Baby we have an especially soft spot for the nurses who commit themselves to caring for the most vulnerable patients of all—babies!  

That’s why we set out to help make their jobs a little easier with SNOO!  

How SNOO Supports Nurses

More than 165 hospitals have used SNOO to support nurses and other care team members as part of our hospital program. That means nurses all over the world have a safe and secure bed to place newborns as they tend to a nursery full of patients.

And because SNOO uses gentle shushing and motion to respond to a baby’s fussing in the same way an experienced caregiver would—adding an hour of sleep a night on average—SNOO helps free up nurses to do other important duties. In other words, just as SNOO offers parents an extra set of hands at home when it comes to soothing their little ones and stretching their sleep, SNOO helps ease nurses’ workloads, too!

Based on a survey of 26 U.S. hospitals using SNOO, we learned that healthcare workers—including nurses—love SNOO as much as we love them! In fact…

  • 98% say SNOO gives staff extra time to focus on other tasks

  • 97% agree that SNOO helps reduce staff stress

  • 89% note that SNOO helps staff model safe sleep practices to parents

  • 96% agree SNOO offers staff support in lieu of hospital volunteers, like “Cuddler” programs 

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