We’re showing you how to break down and store your Happiest Baby SNOO Smart Sleeper box.

Step 1: Breakdown Outer Box

First, carefully cut the tape on the outer box.

Then unfold all of the flaps and collapse the box and place it flat on the floor.

Step 2: Stack Your Trays on the Outer Box

Next, stack the base pulp trays into the base tray, then place it onto your flat carton.

Step 3: Place Accessory Packaging into Tray

Place the leg packaging into the tray.

Then place the power supply box into the tray.

Fold the dust bag and place it into the tray.

Then place the tubes in the tray.

Finally, put the upper pulp trays on top of the base pulp trays.

Step 4: Place Accessory Box on the Other Side of Box

Step 5: Store Everything

And, you're done! Now, store this in a safe dry place like under a bed or in a storage closet.

Watch the Video: How to Store SNOO Packaging

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