Thanks for allowing Happiest Baby to be a part of your family. Whether you're storing SNOO for your next baby or repacking it to ship back, here's your step-by-step guide on how to disassemble SNOO and repack it in the original box.

Note: It is important to keep your SNOO packaging when renting your SNOO, so you can ship it back! Missing your original box or have damaged pieces? Order a new one here.

Step 1: Reassemble Outer Box

Reassemble the outer carton by unflattening the box and inserting the tabs.

Step 2: Unplug SNOO

First, unplug SNOO from the outlet. Then unplug the power cord and detach the cord from the leg holder.

Step 3: Place Dust Bag on Floor

Note: Some SNOOs come with a plastic dust bag.

Step 4: Remove SNOO Mattress

It’s yours to keep!

Step 5: Gently Flip SNOO onto Bag

Step 6: Remove SNOO Legs from SNOO

Unscrew and unclip legs.

Step 7: Flip SNOO Back Over

Step 8: Place SNOO into Dust Bag

Begin to pull the dust bag up over SNOO. Pull the drawstring closed and tie a simple knot.

Note: Some SNOOs come with a plastic dust bag.

Step 9: Slide SNOO into Tray

Slide the SNOO onto the carton carefully (you may want to ask for assistance during this step to prevent damage).

Step 10: Put Accessory Box inSNOO

Fit box over the clips on both sides.

Step 11: Place Legs in Accessory Box

Follow the color pattern below.

Step 12: Insert Power Supply Box into Accessory Box

Put the power supply cord back into the power supply box.

Then put the power supply box into place.

Step 13: Close and Secure Accessory Box

Be sure to insert tabs fully.

Step 14: Place Tubes into Base

Step 15: Carefully Secure Upper Trays on Top of SNOO

Step 16: Fit Box over SNOO

Step 17: Secure Box

Insert and snap in all 4 clips.

Important: You should not see a gap between the outer box and tray.

Note: Incorrect and unsafe closure.

Step 18: Tape Closed Both Handles

Tape base to outer box (if clips are missing or damaged). Tape all 4 sides.

SNOO is ready to be shipped back!

Watch the Video: How to Repack SNOO

If your packaging is not the same as the video above, please watch the video here.

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