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Hello, parent-to-be! Got questions about what's ahead during labor and delivery? You've come to the right place: Dr. Harvey Karp, the celebrated author of The Happiest Baby on the Block, has the answers!

Q: How Can I Reduce the Risk of Having a C-Section?

Q: What Should I Eat During Labor?

Q: How common is it to have a bowel movement during labor?

Q: How long after birth can I have a drink?

Q: Does Your Water Creaking Mean it’s Time to Deliver?

Most likely, yes! Once your water breaks, you will probably go into labor within 24 hours. Your water breaking can be a gush like in the movies, or it might be a mere trickle. If you’re not sure, then you should contact your healthcare provider right away. Here’s more info about how to know when your water breaks. 

Q: Is the Second Baby Easier to Deliver Than the First?

For some women, they find that delivering their second baby is easier than the first. But every woman’s birthing experience is different, and every baby is different. Mentally, you may be more prepared this time around, but there is no guarantee that the second is easier than the first. 

Q: Is Labor Over Once I’m Holding My Baby?

It depends! After you’ve delivered your baby, you’ll still need to deliver the placenta. This will come with relatively mild contractions. Some women like to keep the placenta, so make sure to tell your healthcare provider ahead of time. 

Beyond Labor and Delivery Questions and Answers

Once your baby arrives, you’ll have to shift gears away from anticipating your baby’s due date, and toward the newborn days. While parents often lament that babies don’t come with instructions...The Happiest Baby on the Block comes pretty close! This book will walk you through your first weeks and months with your little one, so you can learn to calm crying like a pro...and become a more confident parent along the way!

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