Unless you’ve spent lots of time babysitting or helping with younger siblings, parenting is neither automatic nor instinctive. For most new parents, caring for a baby is the toughest job we’ve ever had. So don’t be surprised to find yourself wishing you had six arms—like a Hindu goddess.

The Most Common New Mom Stresses

  1. Intense fatigue
  2. Inexperience
  3. Isolation from family and friends
  4. Intrusive family and friends
  5. Inconsolable crying (the baby’s that is)
  6. Irritating arguments with your partner
  7. Instantly stopping work (may come with loss of income, gratification)
  8. Insecurity about your body
  9. Intense pain (from delivery or breastfeeding)
  10. Indelible barf stains on every piece of clothing you own!

      When you become a parent, you enter a vulnerable psychological space. Being in the midst of one of life’s most intense experiences—particularly having a colicky baby—can increase your vulnerability to other life stresses. The sum effect is that many new parents suffer from distorted self-perceptions and waves of anxiety and depression.

      Fortunately, once the early pressures pass, you'll most likely melt into a warm love that is more powerful and profound than any you’ve ever felt before. So, please be patient with your baby, your partner and most of all—with yourself!


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