Roses, chocolates, wine, and…sleep? Yes!

While you might not think of sleep as an aphrodisiac, it turns out that one between-the-sheets activity may enhance the other.

Studies dating back have to the 1950’s by famed sexpert Dr. Alfred Kinsey have shown a strong link between improved sleep and stronger sexual desire. In fact, when a person adds a full hour of sleep to their night they have a 14% better chance of having sex with their partner the next day, according to a 2015 study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. (Here, one great way to get that extra hour...or more!)

Meanwhile, a lack of sleep is associated with libido-killers, like anxiety, depression, and even sexual dysfunctionAnd there’s more! The sleep-sex relationship goes both ways. More sleep can bring more sex...and more sex can bring more quality sleep. Win, win! 

The reason: Sexual intimacy unleashes a brain-chemical cocktail including dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin—adorably known as the “cuddle hormone”—that may help prime your body for sleep and sex. Sex can also cause a decreases in levels of the stress hormone” cortisol, which works wonders on snagging ZZZs. And having an orgasm cues prolactin, a hormone that makes us feel relaxed and sleepy. As an amazing bonus, regular sex also helps keep your heart healthy, your weight in check, your immune system strong, your skin glowing, and your mood brighter. What’s sexier than that? 

Of course, being a parent means you have less time for both activities! Not fair! Heres help: If you’re looking to add more sexy time to your agenda, experts recommend literally putting it on your agenda! While whipping out your calendar to schedule sex may not seem like the best form of foreplay, it does force you to carve out time for intimacy...which is half the battle! And just because sex is on the calendar doesn’t mean it has to be as dull as a board meeting. Try adding some fun to the mix by springing for a sitter, getting dolled up, and hitting the town for a romantic dinner beforehand.

While it can be so hard to prioritize your own sleep and intimacy when you’re a new parent, please remember: How good you feel is tightly connected to how you’re sleeping. And the same goes for how much sex you’re having. Once you get back in the swing, a virtuous cycle kicks in: Better sleep leads to more sex, and more sex helps you sleep more soundly…and you start feeling better in so many ways…about so many things. And, you know what? You deserve i!

Psst: If youre craving that extra hour of ZZZ’s, know that SNOO has shown to add 1 to 2 hours of sleep per night with its constant calming womb-like motion and sound.

Oh, and, if you’re worried about sex for the first time post-baby, weve got advice for you!


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