Everyone loves a thoughtful gift and that’s never more true than on Mother’s Day. And the most thoughtful of all the thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts centers around what moms really want: Rest! Survey after survey (after survey) show that above everything else, moms want sweet, glorious sleep for Mother’s Day (and every day, honestly). To help the mom in your life get the ZZZs she deserves, add these Mother’s Day gift ideas to your shopping cart before the big day (which is May 12th this year, by the way!).

Luxe Sheets

Image and to purchase: Parachute

Sometimes the only thing coming between you and a great night sleep is…your sheets. But don’t be fooled into thinking that a super-high thread count will put you on the fast-track to slumberland. The truth is, the best bed sheets have thread counts between 300 and 500, according to the product experts at The Good Housekeeping Institute. They note that your sheets should be 100% cotton, too. Natural fibers are the most breathable, which helps to keep you cool and comfy all sleep long. For the softest (and most durable) sheet option, choose premium “long-staple” cottons, like Egyptian cotton sheets.
Happiest Baby Gift Pick: Parachute Percale Sheet Set comes in eight soothing colors and is A+ for hot sleepers.


Image and to purchase: LAKE

Keep your stretched out tanks and hole-in-the-seam shorts out of your bed. Your sleep attire should not be the recycling bin of your daytime wardrobe. Instead, consider your pajamas another tool for restful sleep. Look for loose-fitting PJs made of soft, breathable materials like 100% cotton or bamboo that help keep your body cool and comfortable throughout the night.
Happiest Baby Gift Pick: Pima Bundle by LAKE comes with a short-sleeve scoop neck top, shorts, and PJ pants—and all are made from 100% Pima cotton. Since 100% cotton shrinks when washed, consider sizing up if you’re between sizes.

Silk Pillowcase

Image and to purchase: Lunya

Silk pillowcases have been getting a lot of attention lately, and for good reason. While, no, they won’t magically stave off wrinkles (sorry!), they do have some fantastic benefits. The biggest pillowcase perk: Silk has natural temperature-regulating properties, which means it helps to keep you cool on warm nights and warm on cool nights, according to the Sleep Foundation. A beauty-sleep bonus: Silk’s smooth texture has been shown to help reduce frizziness and breakages in hair.
Happiest Baby Gift Pick: Lunya Washable Silk Good-in-Bed Pillowcase for home use and the Washable Silk Travel Pillow for moms on the move.

White Noise Machine

White noise is not just for babies! White noise works as a magical sleep cue and sound masker for everyone. White noise creates a blanket of sound that works to camouflage sudden changes in soundwave consistency that can often disrupt your sleep. Plus, a report in the journal Sleep found that white noise can improve sleep quality and help folks with sleep issues fall into deep sleep more quickly.
Happiest Baby Gift Pick: SNOObie squeezes 12 doctor-designed sleep-boosting sounds into its whimsical, retro design, guaranteeing you’ll land on the perfect white noise for your sleep soundtrack.

Sleep Mask

Image and to purchase: Drowsy

Up until recently, sleep masks gave off a bit of a bougie, old Hollywood vibe, but no more! Recent research has shown that using a quality sleep mask that effectively blocks sleep-disrupting light can help you not only sleep better, but longer, too! To ensure your sleep mask works, aim for a washable silk or 100% cotton sleep mask that gently hugs your eye area and the bridge of your nose enough to block all light. (Learn more about why darkness is your sleepytime friend.)
Happiest Baby Gift Pick: Drowsy sleep mask is made of 100% mulberry silk, perfectly contours your face, and it's adjustable!

Blackout Curtains

Image and to purchase: Pottery Barn Kids

Some Moms just aren’t going to like snoozing with a sleep mask on. For those folks, blackout curtains are the answer. Whether you choose a mask or curtains, the goal is the same: to keep light—from the sun, the moon, streetlights, devices—from seeping into your eyes and disrupting your sleep. (Light at night distrurbs your body’s secretion of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin.)
Happiest Baby Gift Pick: Evelyn Linen Blackout Curtain from Pottery Barn Kids are sold in a children’s store, but they’re decidedly sophisticated window treatments, perfect for any Mom! They’re also excellent light-blockers.

SNOO Smart Sleeper

If you’re a new mom, there’s no way around it: The only way to really improve your sleep is to improve your baby’s sleep! The best way to do that is to place your baby in SNOO—a smart bassinet designed to gently rock and soothe your little one through any middle-of-sleep bumps that occur throughout the night that don’t require a change, a feed, or a parent’s extra special touch.
Happiest Baby Gift Pick: The only true smart bassinet out there, SNOO is in a class of its own! It’s outfitted with special sensors that automatically respond to a baby’s cries with an incremental uptick in womb-like white noise and rocking to lull babies back to sleep, often in under 1 minute, adding up to two hours to a baby’s sleep a night.

Sleepy Tea

Image and to purchase: Celestial Seasonings

Herbal, caffeine-free tea has long been touted as an effective sleep aid. It’s thought that an evening cuppa containing herbs like chamomile, lavender, or valerian root can help you wind down and improve sleep quality. Plus, the calming ritual of making, smelling, and sipping herbal tea can help switch your brain into time-to-relax mode, which also encourages sleep.
Happiest Baby Gift Pick: Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Extra is a classic for a reason! Filled with chamomile, valerian root, spearmint, lemongrass, and more, it’s a yummy, comforting bedtime helper!

Lavender Spray

Image and to purchase: Aura Cacia

Lavender is the undisputed queen of sleepytime scents thanks to the fact that actual studies support the notion that it can be an effective sleeping aid. Plus, sleep expert Dr. Harvey Karp is a big fan: “Lavender has been used for centuries as an aromatherapy treatment to promote calmness, relaxation, and sleep”’ he says, even recommending putting a couple drops on a child’s mattresses to help them drift to dreamland!
Happiest Baby Gift Pick: Aura Cacia Lavender Aromatherapy Mist not only posts their GC/MS test results (looking at purity, quality, and safety) online, they don't contain synthetic fragrances, parabens, or petroleum. (If expecting, consult with your healthcare provider before using.)

Weighted Blanket

Image and to purchase: Brooklinen

While weighted blankets are not safe for babies and small children, they are fantastic additions to any Mom's sweet-dreams arsenal! Research has shown that snoozing under a weighted blanket can help you fall asleep more easily, wake less during the night—and feel an "increased sense of calm” during the day. What’s not to love?
Happiest Baby Gift Pick: Brooklinen Weighted Throw Blanket is 12 pounds, offering just-enough calming weight without too much pressure. It comes in four colors, including our favorite, Fig (pictured).


Image and to purchase: Canopy

While not every mom needs-needs a humidifier for sleep, many greatly benefit. That’s because a humidifier can reduce many discomforts caused by dry air, like a stuffy nose, that can delay or interrupt sleep. In addition, moist air does wonders for your skin. Hello, beauty sleep! Plus, if you’re not into aromatherapy spray, some humidifiers allow you to add sleep-friendly scents like lavender directly into your machine. Win-win!
Happiest Baby Gift Pick: Canopy Bedside Humidifier comes in five colors, ensuring you’ll find one to seamlessly complement your decor. Another plus, their aroma oils are formulated without parabens, phthalates, sulfates, mineral oil, or synthetic dyes.

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