Yoga is an important and wonderfully beneficial form of exercise and self-care that people all over the world enjoy. And, when you’re a postpartum parent, the benefits of yoga are almost too many to list! 

From a gentle return to physical activity after the trauma to the body brought on by pregnancy and childbirth, to the mind-body connection you’ve been craving, and the opportunity to do some special bonding with your little one right in your own home…it is a special way to meet your physical and mental needs in the 4th trimester and beyond. 

Whether you carried and birthed your baby or grew your family via adoption, surrogacy, fostering, or are otherwise the non-birthing parent, “baby and me” yoga is still a great idea! It’s a fun way to tone and stretch your body while having fun with your bundle of joy. 

This is a perfect time in your little one’s life to set the stage for physical activity, mindfulness, and family bonding activities. Take the plunge with some of our favorite free yoga videos for babies and caregivers, and embark on a lifetime journey of yogic wellness for your baby in the process. 

Postnatal Recovery Yoga 

This video is a great place to start your postpartum workout journey! Having a baby takes a mental and physical toll. Once approved for light workout (typically 6 to 8 weeks postpartum), start slowly with a gentle, restorative yoga practice like this one that incorporates your baby and reawakens your muscles and joints. 

 Workout + Stretch Baby-and-Me Yoga

 This 20-minute infant-and-me yoga is a cinch to fit into even the most packed schedules and can be done with a pre-crawler. The instructor is friendly, upbeat, and offers simple modifications to make the video work for all.  

Quickie Yoga Flow with Kisses + Giggles

This yoga routine can be done from as soon as you’re approved for postpartum exercise. It resembles a typical yoga flow but incorporates lots of interaction with your little one who’s set up on a comfy blanket beside or at the end of your mat. It’s under 10 minutes and you’ll hit the ground running, making it perfect for the overwhelmed mommy who just wants to get in a quick workout with Baby.  

Yoga for Nursing Mamas  

While the instructor does not visibly include a baby in the video, you can easily enjoy this routine with your little one laid on a mat, or perched in a bouncer or other docking spot nearby while you do it. It lasts about 25 minutes so you might need to break halfway to cuddle Baby, and that’s okay! This video is aimed at nursing mamas to aid in the hunching/poor posture many of us experience, neck pain, and other common issues faced by mothers who are pumping or feeding their new babies directly from the breast. It is a slow and gentle stretching type of yoga you can enjoy at any time of day. 

15-Minute Crawler-Friendly Yoga Flow

It’s easier and more relaxing to bang out a postpartum workout when your baby is not yet mobile, but this quick and to-the-point yoga sequence consists of moves you can do despite the distractions of a crawler. The instructor has set up a few toys and a mirror around her mat to keep Baby entertained, which is a great idea for making the most of this 15-minute flow. 

Interactive Baby-and-Me Yoga Flow

Rather than having your little one perched or playing on the mat, it can be more fun for them (and a better workout for you!) if you incorporate them in the practice. This half-hour baby-and-me flow turns your little one into a weight for many of the moves and can be done as soon as you are approved to work out post-birth. 

Baby + Abs = Winning

The core is a place a lot of new moms want to work on; strengthening and tightening those muscles is important for posture and also will help you feel better as you tone up after either a vaginal or cesarean delivery. This mommy-and-me yoga sequence invites your baby to become an active part in the workout to keep them entertained as you work on your abs.

Intermediate Postpartum Yoga

If you are not new to yoga and had a pretty steady intermediate practice before or during your pregnancy, this 13-minute strength flow for non-beginners is a great place to start your postpartum workout journey. If you need a longer session, you can follow up with this sister video by the same instructor, which also incorporates Baby.

Baby-Holding Full Body Yoga 

Some babies are not content to just lay on the mat or play quietly with toys during your yoga practice and need to be held. This video is perfect for those “Velcro” babies that truly want to be in your arms at all times, and as a bonus, holding Baby throughout will certainly up the strength training and burn factor!

Babywearing Energy Flow

Another great baby-and-me yoga video for the little one who won’t let Mama put them down, but in this case, you are wearing the baby in a secure wrap or carrier rather than in your arms. This breezy 10-minute flow is a cinch to work into your daily routine with your baby and can be repeated or added onto as needed once you are ready for a longer and more intense workout. Or, leave Baby wrapped and take a nice, long walk afterward. 

30-Minute Transitional Baby-and-Me Yoga Flow

If you’re looking for a calming and enjoyable way to move through your day with Baby, this video is for you. It’s a half-hour flow that you can do after nap time or at other “between” times of the day when you’re hoping to increase your energy, wake up your muscles, and engage and stimulate your little one. 

Baby + Me = Bye Bye Diastasis Recti

Abdominal muscle separation is normal during and after pregnancy, and a lot of new mums face this problem. However, doing a ton of crunches and traditional ab workouts is not going to help, and could in fact worsen your condition. The targeted core strengthening exercises in this video are made for women who face this problem. It’s not a flow video, but a few nifty yoga moves you can do with your baby to help heal your stomach muscles.  

Revive Baby-and-Me Yoga Flow: 30 Minutes 

Most new parents’ chief complaint is a lack of energy due to less sleep and more stress. Rejuvenate your body while you strengthen, focus, and refresh with this energetic, half-hour baby-and-me yoga flow. It incorporates a perfect balance of stretch, heat, and mindfulness for a workout that will have you feeling amazing on the mat and once it’s over. 

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