You can file this one under, "We don't mean to nag, but..."

Somehow, it's the real basic stuff that always seem to fall through the cracks. These home safety projects won’t take long to check off the list, but if something serious happens while your family is sleeping, they just may save your lives.

If you're an expecting dad, these jobs are the perfect way earn that “Dads Rule” t-shirt. And it should go without saying that no one pregnant is allowed on a ladder!) Don't feel bad that you haven't tackled these home safety projects yet, but it's time to get on it. Like, right now!

Baby Home Safety Checklist

  1. Install smoke alarms. On every floor…inside and outside bedrooms.If you already have them, check to make sure they work. Keep extra batteries around.
  2. Install a carbon monoxide detector in the hallway near your bedrooms.
  3. Store an easy-to-grab fire extinguisher on each floor.
  4. Make an escape plan in case of an emergency (like a fire) in case of an emergency (like a tornado, earthquake or fire.) Store extra food and water (…and diapers too!)
  5. If you live one or more stories above ground level, keep a rope ladder and a fire evacuation hood on hand.
  6. After you install your alarms and buy your extinguishers, give your insurance company a call. They will give you a healthy discount on your bill for taking all these precautions.

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