Decorating the nursery is a rite of passage for parents, but the transition to toddler rooms is an adventure your little one can enjoy right alongside you. The best toddler room ideas include style, function, and of!

From smart storage to chic decor, and theme ideas to tricks for maximizing a small space, we’ve rounded up a list of adorable inspiration for your little guy or girl’s special spot. Happy decorating, toddler parents!

Mint Toddler Bedroom  

Toddler room with a mint color scheme and dinosaur bedding. 

Photo: Instagram/tobinconnorshop

Your little one will love letting their favorite characters or themes shine in a room you’ve curated with a gorgeous and soothing color scheme ... plus some dinosaur or princess bedding. For the moms who can’t stand jarring colors and character faces but are compelled to bend to their kiddo’s sense of whimsy, this is a perfect compromise for a toddler room. 

Magical Toddler Bedroom Furniture  

Castle-shaped toddler bed. 

Photo: Instagram/circu_magical_furniture

They’re only little once, as the old adage proclaims. Embrace this season of life with an over-the-top answer to their wildest dreams. In this example, a bed that’s truly built for a little prince or princess. Starry walls don’t hurt, either.

Toddler Floor Bed 

 Toddler floor bed in a pink and green toddler room.

Photo: Instagram/home.with.nicci

Speaking of beds, recent crib-ditchers might sleep best on a low surface with no fall risk. A floor bed makes every night feel like a special adventure and will put your mind at ease as your little one transitions to big-kid sleeping arrangements.

Toddler Bedroom Clothing Hooks

Clothing hooks in a toddler room that hold toddler-sized jackets and t-shirts. 

Photo: Instagram/

One thing all parents know about little kids is that they have BIG amounts of stuff. Hang hooks up throughout the room, especially in a panel like this one near the door for easy access to frequently used items on-the-go like their jackets, hoodies, and tiny book bags. 

Mauve & Moody Toddler Room

Sophisticated looking toddler room with a mauve color scheme.

Photo: Instagram/roomstyling.and3rascals

Everything about this artfully decorated, bohemian toddler room is perfect for a little dreamer. We love the deep colors and variety of textures to conjure up creativity and rainy-day cuddles.  

Toddler Bedroom Reading Nook

 Toddler boy sitting in the corner of a bedroom paging through books.

Photo: Instagram/shorttecake

Nooks are big with the preschool set. Consider creating a small area in your toddler’s room (preferably a corner) with low-hung bookshelves, oversized sitting cushions, and so on to promote quiet “reading” time. It’s never too early to start them in the habit of reading every day, even at an age when they’re probably only looking at the pictures! 

Open Closets in a Toddler Room

Mom and toddler looking at clothing hanging in an open closet. 

Photo: Instagram/jenna_franke

Toddlers love choices, and choices are made easier when we can see what we have. Aside from your little one preferring this layout, we also love a not-closet for any room of the house for a few reasons, not only the easy access. First, it promotes organization and helps you keep consumption under control because you know everything you bring in will be on display. And also, it creates a visually appealing corner of the room that allows any covered closet space to be used for boring utility best kept out of sight.   

Retro Surfer Toddler Room

Surf-themed toddler room with an orange and brown retro-looking color scheme. 

Photo: Instagram/islabayandreef

If you’re torn on a theme, look to the past for inspiration. We’re getting major ‘70s vibes from this orange, yellow, and brown toddler room featuring retro rainbows and surfer-dude touches to make your “big kid” really feel like one. 

Pretty Pink Toddler Bedroom

Pink toddler bedroom with pink bed canopy and floral wallpaper. 

Photo: Instagram/urban.e.and.a 

In another direction, dreamy florals and frothy fabrics are a big win for any toddler who loves pink. This is the kind of kids’ room where sweet dreams are made and fanciful days are bound to follow. 

Graphic Toddler Bedroom

Black, white, and yellow graphic toddler bedroom. 

Photo: Instagram/this_little_nook

Let your cool kiddo embrace the change of pace as the crib goes bye-bye and the big-kid era dawns. Monochrome details, subtle superhero elements, and graphic walls take your little one’s kid cave to the next level.  

Pretend Play Spaces in Toddler Rooms

 Toddler pretending to iron on a pretend ironing board in a toddler room play space.

Photo: Instagram/minimemarla 

Open-ended, imaginative play is so important at this age. Whether or not you have a separate playroom, consider setting up some toy stations or large-scale items like a dollhouse or play kitchen in their room because it promotes self reliance, imagination, and fun.  

Nice & Cozy Toddler Bedroom

Neutral toddler nook with a cozy reading bench and bookshelves.

Photo: Instagram/home.with.nicci

A plush seating area tucked in by shelving is what toddler daydreams are made of. This pretty room looks so comfortable and inviting; all the little details and knickknacks personalize the space and make it extra special for your little one.  

Fresh & Sporty Toddler Room

Toddler stands on a bed with basketball-printed sheets, poised to shoot a basketball.

Photo: Instagram/jscott24

There’s absolutely no reason that a sports themed kids’ room needs to look cheesy. This bright and airy space is kiddo-adored and mommy-approved, with fun basketball elements, cool bedding, and a classy monogram in the team colors for the wall.  

Swingin' Toddler Bedroom 

Toddler bedroom with floral print wallpaper, pink curtains, and a white wicker swing hanging from the ceiling.

Photo: Instagram/ourhomeschoolhaven

If there’s anything the toddler years should be, it’s fun! An indoor swing is exactly that, plus they’re pretty to look at. Introduce hours of entertainment and rainy-day boredom busting with a fabulous swing in your toddler boy or girl’s room, like this one. 

Other toddler room staples? SNOObear and SNOObie! SNOObear is an on-the-go sound-soother that plays calming white noise and doubles as a cuddly teddy. And SNOObie is a sound machine, a customizable nightlight, a sleep trainier, and more!

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