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  • Ever had this problem? You lay your baby down as gently as possible, but the second pajamas hit sheet, the screaming starts. Plop your baby back on your chest?  The crying immediately stops. This common struggle exhausts parents and makes them feel…stuck. 

    Babies aren’t dummies! They know a good thing when they find it. To him, your warm, familiar, subtly moving body is so much more welcoming than that quiet, cold, still bassinet. And while it feels very sweet (or more truthfully, like the your only option) when he crashes on your body, it’s actually risky to let him. I’ve gotten emergency calls in the middle of the night after babies sleeping perched on mom or dad fell to the floor. Plus, co-sleeping on unsafe surfaces like couches, reclining chairs and adult beds, increase the chances of SIDS.

    Help Has Arrived!

    There’s never been a great fix to this particular challenge until recently, when Happiest Baby invented SNOO smart sleeper.  SNOO imitates the pulsing sounds and movement of the womb and makes baby feels “at home again,” by calming crying and easing him into slumber. Yes, swaddling, rumbly white noise and pacifiers are great cues in their own right, but think of SNOO as a one-stop solution. In addition, after your baby has gotten to sleep, SNOO drops to a level to “maintain sleep” through the night. This is incredibly helpful to finicky babies who shun the still bed because it prevents them from rousing at any little bump in the night.

    So while SNOO should solve your “I-Can’t-Get-Him-Down” agony, you’ll still want to teach your baby self-soothing skills. The wake-and-sleep technique does it best. While it sounds counterintuitive, waking your baby slightly before putting him down actually helps your guy put himself to sleep. That’s the ultimate goal, for him to do it on his own without the song and dance. SNOO gradually weans your baby off sound and motion by 6 months to make for an easy transition to the big boy crib. And meantime, the mom, dad and baby will be better rested and without the worries.

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