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  • Getting your baby to eat a bit more in the day and a little less at night can start when your baby is as young as 1-month-old. It's essential, of course, to ensure your baby is getting enough nourishment. If you have plenty fo milk (discuss with your doctor/lactation consultant before using these tips) and your baby is gaining steadily, you can begin boosting daytime feeds/pumping and help your baby sleep a little longer at night with some swaddling, white noise…or with SNOO.

    My Rules of Thumb for a Better Sleep Schedule

    For the first month: If your baby sleeps 4-5 hours at night, wake him and feed to make sure he gets enough milk.

    For the next 2 months: Let your little one sleep longer (maybe up to 6 hours or so) before you wake and feed. Pump a few ounces if you feel too full. Consider waking your baby up for a midnight dream feed. Use swaddling, strong, rumbly white noise  - or SNOO - and use the wake and sleep technique for all naps/nights. 

    After 4 months: You can boost daytime calories by offering extra feedings and reducing mealtime distractions. And, continue to wake your baby up for a midnight dream feed. 

    Did you know? SNOO smart sleeper boosts sleep, helping babies and parents get the rest they need. Learn more.

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