I once heard a story about the amazing baby calming chops of a father from Boise, Idaho. At a neighborhood softball game, his wife sat in the bleachers, their baby on her lap. When the little girl began to wail, the dad immediately called a timeout, sprinted from third base, 5 S’ed his little baby into serenity and ran back to his position…all in under 2 minutes. The crowd went wild!

Men don't typically excel at breastfeeding, but we’re quite good at swaddling, jiggling and shushing. To us, wrapping babies is like a puzzle to figure out, and we’re pretty willing to put some oomph in our calming. While moms tend to prefer soft singing and gentle swaying, dads are apt to crank up the volume on their shush and add some bounce to their jiggle, quickly reaching needed “takeoff velocity” to flip on the calming reflex.

Remember, the 5 S’s only work if done just right. Time and again, dads prove they’ve got serious game!

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