Clever parents since the beginning of time have figured how out to soothe theircrying babies—Iwouldn't want to imagine a world where they didn't! And as technology advances, each generation discovers their own baby calming techniques. Whether you tend toward the old or the new, experiment with a few and you'll soonfind the ones that work best to calm your wee wailing one!

10 of the Best Ways to Soothe a Baby

  1. Holding
  2. Dancing
  3. Rocking
  4. Swinging
  5. Swaddling
  6. Feeding
  7. White Noise
  8. Singing
  9. Pacifiers
  10. Smart sleepers

      Most soothing techniques fall into one of the 5 categories:swaddling(snug holding), side/stomach position, shushing (white noise, swinging (motion) andsucking—also known as thethe 5 S’s!

      What do these techniques have in common? They all impersonate theuterus!

      Parents have used many of them for millennia, but our generation is the first in history to know that they work by switching on the calming reflex.


      Did you know? Happiest Baby developedSNOO,the world's first smart sleeper. Our one-of-a-kind baby bed responds to infant fussing with just the right amount of motion and sound—to turn on the calming reflex. It can soothe middle-of-the-night crying and dramatically boost infant sleep. Learn more.

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