Few new parents are prepared for how weird baby poops look… especially when it comes to newborn poop color! But don’t worry. Here’s our down-and-dirty guide:

First Poop

Your brand-new bundle of joy will probably bless you with her first poop within 24 hours of her birth. That first poop is the strangest one… it’s made up of everything the baby was ingesting within the womb like amniotic fluid and water. This first bowel movement is called meconium and is sticky dark greenish-black in color. Luckily, in the next few days, your sweet baby’s poop will get waterier and lighten in color.

Poop of a Breastfed Baby

If you’re breastfeeding your sweet honey, her poop will be yellowish and runny. Some babies have a bowel movement after every breastfeeding session…while others only have 3-4 daily. By the time your baby is around one to two months old, the poop will thicken to the consistency of oatmeal and occur once a day or less. Don’t worry about calling your doctor unless your baby doesn’t have a seriously dirty diaper for more than 3 days… but call sooner if your baby has a weak cry, weak suck or is acting sick.

Poop of a Formula-Fed Baby

If you’re formula-feeding, your little one’s poop will be thicker and firmer – like peanut butter. The color can range from yellow to tan to brown to green. Around her 1- to 2-month birthday, your little one may start to go a few days between bowel movements. This is normal!

Solid Food Poop

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, you should begin introducing your little one to solid foods around 6 months of age. Once you do that, you’ll notice her poop changes. It will become browner and thicker…and smellier! Did you ever think you’d miss those newborn poop days?

When to Call the Doctor

Odds are, you won’t have to call your doctor about your baby’s poop but it’s good to know when to take that step. If you notice your baby has thick black poop, red bloody poop, or chalky clay-colored poop, call your doctor.

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