Wondering what it’s like to work at Happiest Baby? Our mission is to help families live their happiest, healthiest lives…and that starts with taking care of our very own Happiest Baby family! As you’ll notice in our Happiest Baby company reviews, we take great pride in cultivating a work environment where our employees feel respected, supported, and free to share their ideas…and one where they can step away from company issues and have some fun, too! No wonder most employees who work at Happiest Baby have been with the company for 2 to 6 years, and they rate the work experience a full 5 stars!

Here’s what it’s really like to work at Happiest Baby…according to company reviews!

Happiest Baby Company Review Highlights

Here are a few things employees say they love about working at Happiest Baby:

  • “Great space for learning and acquiring new skills”
  • “Lots of growth opportunities”
  • “The environment is very positive”
  • “Management really empowers employees to contribute”
  • “Strong sense of community”
  • “Great leadership with passion and enthusiasm”
  • “Everyone is smart and friendly”
  • “Meaningful mission statement”
  • “Free lunches”
  • “Fun activities” 

Happiest Baby Company Reviews

Take a look at some reviews from past and present Happiest Baby employees:

Happiest Baby Team and Leadership Reviews

“Great space for learning and acquiring new skills! Everyone is encouraging and friendly. Office space is spacious and nice, and they provide good lunch which is really a great benefit. Fun activities and happy hours. It feels like you are a part of the family. Dr. Harvey Karp, the CEO, is humble and very friendly. The company has meaningful mission statement (it is saving babies lives!) and it felt special working for that cause.”

“Great leadership [from co-founders Dr. Harvey Karp and Nina Montee Karp], with passion and enthusiasm; open-minded and listen to not only customers but also employees. Great team and coworkers, always being supportive, energetic, and collaborative. Lots of growth opportunities and ownership.”

“Management really empowers employees to contribute. You have room to grow and work on independent projects, but still feel like you are a part of the team…There is a lot of effort on the part of management to create a positive environment for employees.”

“Happiest Baby is a fast-growing highly innovative mission-driven company. Everyone from Dr. Harvey Karp, the CEO, down is highly engaged and passionately cares about our mission, products, and people. Every role in the company is highly visible and is given unlimited opportunity to contribute and make their mark. The founders know everyone by name and genuinely care about each of us. We are a tightly-knit hard-working group with a strong sense of community. When we are on-site we are offered free lunches each day and instructor-led yoga twice per week. The compensation is very competitive and includes very generous medical dental vision, unlimited vacation, and, equity.”

What It’s Really Like to Work at Happiest Baby

“Positive, smart and supportive team members! The company’s mission is also one that is making a positive change in the world, so you know you’re working on something bettering the world.” 

“I worked for Happiest Baby for over a year and a half. In that time, I was able to expand my role into a new department with complete guidance into an area I was interested in but did not have a ton of experience. The founders know everyone and, especially during the pandemic, made sure everyone felt supported. Everyone is smart and friendly and cares about the company’s mission!”

“Happiest Baby is an amazing company to be part of. The owners [Dr. Harvey Karp and Nina Montee Karp] have made sure that employees have all means necessary for day-to-day success in the workplace. The environment is very positive and there is a lot of teamwork. People are very nice and it feels really good to be working on a product that has an actual impact on people’s lives. There is an outdoor area that is perfect for informal work lunches, meetings, or quick breaks. Oh, and lunch is provided every day!”

“A vibrant office and great work environment. Smart and supportive leadership [from Dr. Harvey Karp and Nina Montee Karp]. Working on very innovative and category creating products. During four years of employment, I experienced the company's fast growth and team expansion that was handled with a lot of care to keep the warm culture of a smaller team. Even when faced with challenges, like the quarantine period, the company managed to preserve a healthy atmosphere fostering strong working relationships, regular gatherings and individual and team achievements acknowledged and celebrated. Great benefits, free lunches, snacks…beautiful spaces to work, eat, play. Working at Happiest Baby is very rewarding for me—a noble mission, a vibrant office, working with great professionals and some of the best engineers in the world.”

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