We always like to celebrate dads. Father’s day is only once a year, but being a dad is an year-round affair.  While we plan to surprise dads around father’s day, they are constantly surprised by their children and parenting. So outside of their one dedicated appreciation day, we decided to ask them a question: "What was the most surprising thing about fatherhood?" Some answers made us laugh and some made us swoon. Whether new fatherhood is fast approaching for you or a loved one, or you are reminiscing about days gone by from the early years, these answers will definitely strike a chord. 

We asked, “What is the most surprising thing about fatherhood?"

  • “The uncanny ability of a young baby to poop immediately after a diaper change.” – Edwin P.
  • “All of a sudden developing ‘dad vision’ for all the things that could potentially harm or damage our new flesh ball.” – Stratton E.
  • "There's no comparing the all-consuming love you'll have for your child with the love you have for any other person. Even the first moment I laid eyes on my daughter’s heartbeat on the ultrasound, I instantly fell in love with her. When she arrived and I held her for the very first time..... I broke down in tears.... holding her little hands as I smiled at her singing the same song I would sing to her in mommy’s belly…So my answer is love! I was surprised by how much I could love someone so much.” Aaron L.
  • “How much more the baby wanted to be with whoever was primarily responsible for their food.” – Jon S.
  • “How incredibly fast our baby grows and develops. It seems like every day he’s changing!” – Zac I.
  • “Lack of sleep.” – Mark G.
  • “Most surprised that I don’t mind changing diapers at all, because it means more time with my little darling.” —@jschrein
  • “How much poop there is.” – Kevin M.

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