It’s almost Father’s Day and as we’re getting ready to celebrate dads, we decided to ask them a question: "What was the most surprising thing about fatherhood?" Some answers made us laugh and some made us swoon. Check out the answers here:

  • “The uncanny ability of a young baby to poop immediately after a diaper change.” – Edwin P.
  •  “All of a sudden developing ‘dad vision’ for all the things that could potentially harm or damage our new flesh ball.” – Stratton E.
  •  "There's no comparing the all-consuming love you'll have for your child with the love you have for any other person. Even the first moment I laid eyes on my daughter’s heartbeat on the ultrasound, I instantly fell in love with her. When she arrived and I held her for the very first time..... I broke down in tears.... holding her little hands as I smiled at her singing the same song I would sing to her in mommy’s belly…So my answer is love! I was surprised by how much I could love someone so much.”  Aaron L.
  •  “How much more the baby wanted to be with whoever was primarily responsible for their food.” – Jon S.
  •  “How incredibly fast our baby grows and develops. It seems like every day he’s changing!” – Zac I.
  •  “Lack of sleep.” – Mark G.
  •  “Most surprised that I don’t mind changing diapers at all, because it means more time with my little darling.” — @jschrein
  •  “How much poop there is.” – Kevin M. 

What has been the MOST surprising thing about fatherhood for you?! Tell us in the comments below!

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