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  • What the Gift Experts Say About SNOO Smart Sleeper

    What the Gift Experts Say About SNOO Smart Sleeper

    Safety, sleep and style...what's not to love? Give the gift of sleep this holiday season! Vogue"So, in honor of the fast-approaching holidays and in honor of spoiling the cutest babies out there, here are 103 thoughtful and absolutely adorable baby gifts.” Apartment Therapy“The future is now. SNOO aims to create optimum sleep conditions for babies with a combination of white noise and rocking motion. Its simple, sleek styling is a plus." New York Magazine“Designed to mimic the womb, it rocks your...

    The Price of Exhaustion

    The Price of Exhaustion

    Exhaustion is the #1 complaint of new parents. But calling it a complaint makes it sounds like just an annoyance, which it may be for some, but for many, it’s a far more serious problem. In fact, sleep deprivation is the silent cause of a health crisis hurting our country. Exhaustion & the Risk to Families A little-known reality is that exhaustion is a key trigger of more than 500,000 cases of postpartum depression a year. Deep fatigue also pushes...