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  • Few new parents are prepared for how weird baby poops look. Don’t freak out! Here’s our down-and-dirty guide:

    Meconium: It’s green-black in color, kind of like toxic waste! Within days, meconium changes to green and then mustard yellow with a seedy texture.

    Poop of a breast-fed baby: Runny/scrambled-egg-like, 4-12 times a day. Over the next 1-2 months, it gradually thickens to look like oatmeal and becomes once a day or less. (Call your doctor if over 3 days pass. Call sooner if your baby has a weak cry, weak suck or is acting ill.)

    Poop of a bottle-fed baby: Thick or putty-like in the first week, or sometimes hard poop. The good new is that changing formulas often resolves constipation. Ask your doctor for guidance.


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