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Become Our Partner to Improve Maternal-Infant Care

SNOO Smart Sleeper offers a highly innovative step forward in the care of babies and families. This unique bassinet is a “caring” bed that:

  • Gives constant womb-like rhythms to boost sleep
  • Supports nurses by automatically responding to fussing—with increased motion and sound—often calming crying in under a minute (won’t obscure hunger or discomfort)
  • Prevents accidental rolling to an unsafe position

A dozen university studies are ongoing/in development to evaluate SNOO as an intervention to improve the care of infants and mothers.

Contact Us!

We are actively enrolling hospitals interested in collaborating with Dr. Karp on research trials and using SNOO to further improve care.

Please email us at hospitals@happiestbaby.com…and we’ll be in touch soon.


Now, we’re seeking new partners interested in using/studying it to:

Reduce Unsafe Bed Sharing on the Mother-Infant Unit

  • SNOO’s easy swaddle and ability to quickly soothe fussing can help tired moms feel more supported/less guilty. SNOO reduces the temptation of falling asleep with the baby in bed.
  • Lowering the risk of accidental falls and infant death will also reduce hospital liability (lawsuits, damaging PR, etc.).

Improve Care of NAS Babies (Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome)

  • Improving parent confidence and bonding.
  • Reducing nursing care requirements, medication needed, length of NICU/hospital stay.

Prevent/Treat Postpartum Depression

  • By reducing crying, improving sleep and giving the sense of being supported, SNOO may lessen anxiety and depression.
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