While exhaustion is tough on any parent, getting ample rest is absolutely crucial for Major Justin ‘Hasard’ Lee, an F-35 Fighter Pilot who teaches other pilots in the military how to fly the latest jets (picture the jets from Top Gun…but a whole lot newer).

“When we’re flying, our average closure rate is 1,000 miles per hour—that’s a mile every 3 seconds. So, you really have to be mentally aware,” he says. 

A quick physics refresher to put the demands of Justin’s role in perspective: G-force measures the acceleration of objects relative to the gravity on earth. So right now, you’re reading this at 1 G. The planes Justin flies pull up to 9 Gs. That means that Justin’s body, which is roughly around 200 pounds at 1 G, ends up weighing up to 2,000 pounds at 9 Gs…that’s pushing the limits of what the human body can handle.

During this massive acceleration blood is pulled into the body’s extremities, which can sometimes lead to a dangerous—even deadly—G-induced loss of consciousness. In short, the stakes are too high for Justin to show up to work bleary-eyed and foggy-headed.

“It’s important for us to get good sleep, to eat well, to work out. We take that human performance aspect seriously,” he says. 

Unfortunately, Justin’s newborn son, Fletcher, didn’t quite get the memo. In his first weeks, Fletcher would wake up crying six to seven times a night.

After battling several sleepless nights, Justin and his wife took a friend’s advice and downloaded The Happiest Baby on the Block video, which teaches the 5 S’s technique

“We watched it and were really impressed,” Justin says. “We applied a lot of the techniques to our son, and it helped him go to sleep, but he wasn’t staying asleep.” 

So, as a next line of defense against sleep deprivation, Justin decided to up the artillery in their arsenal: They got SNOO.

“Within a few days, Fletcher was sleeping several extra hours a night,” Justin remembers. “It’s kept him asleep for longer which helps out a lot.” 

SNOO has improved their days, as well. 

“My wife and I both work full-time, and with Arizona being a coronavirus hotbed, we didn’t feel comfortable with a nanny. But getting extra sleep has helped us work throughout the day,” he says.

SNOO falls right in line with the performance- and efficiency-enhancing technology that Justin seeks at work…and home.

“The jet I’m flying now, the F-35, is 40 years newer than the F-16, which is what I flew before. It makes flying a lot easier. It has a lot more impact on battlefield,” Justin explains. “I see SNOO as the same thing compared with a traditional bassinet. I’m a big proponent using any technology we have to work more efficiently. Why not leverage technology with things that can help your baby, too? My wife and I are big fans of that, and SNOO fits right in.”

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