Congratulations on your recent purchase of SNOO! We're so thrilled that you've chosen to have Happiest Baby become a trusted brand in your home. Here are detailed steps for how to unpack and setup SNOO. Let's get started!

Step 1: Unlock Clips

Unlock all 4 clips by pinching in and pulling them out. Be sure to keep the tethers attached.

Step 2: Remove Box Lid

Step 3: Remove Upper Pulp Trays

Remove both pulp trays from the top, set them aside.

Step 4: Remove Tubes

Next, remove the support tubes from the sides and place with the pulp trays.

Step 5: Open Accessory Box

Step 6: Remove Accessories and SNOO Legs

Step 7: Remove Power Supply Box

Step 8: Remove Accessory Box

Step 9: Remove SNOO from Carton

Slide the SNOO out of the carton carefully (you may want to ask for assistance during this step to prevent damage). Place the carton out of the way.

Step 10: Remove SNOO from Dust Bag

Now, untie the drawstring of the dust bag, remove it completely from the SNOO and place flat onto the ground.

Step 11: Flip SNOO onto Dust Bag

Turn SNOO over gently and place it onto the dust bag.

Step 12: Attach SNOO Legs to SNOO

Now you will need the legs. Locate the identifying colored-arrow on the legs and match them with the corresponding colored-arrow. The arrows should align, push into the slot to secure until you hear a click. Once secured, turn the knobs until you feel resistance. Repeat until all legs are installed.

Step 13: Flip SNOO onto Legs

Step 14: Plug in Power Cord

Now, plug the power supply cord into your outlet. Then take the power supply cord and locate the power source in the center of your SNOO. Plug it into the power source.

Step 15: Attach Power Cord to Cord Holder

First locate the cord holder. Remove it and place it on the leg closest to the outlet that SNOO is plugged in to. Then firmly press the power cord into the groove.

Now yourSNOO is ready for use! Remember to keep your packaging and box if you're renting SNOO so you can ship it back!

Watch the Video: How to Set Up SNOO

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