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  • I love the book. The concepts are more difficult to grasp than the Happiest Baby book because the baby concepts were all physical whereas the toddler concepts are all vocal and communication. If nothing else it reminds us that our toddlers are more like uncivilized little cave people instead of mini-adults that many mistakenly assume. They do no think the same as we do so as adults we need to take that into consideration when communicting with them. Karp’s techniques seem silly at first but if you stop and think about it the FFR and toddlerese (speaking so your audience understands) are good communication techniques for anyone regardless of age. Lenghty explanations just get lost on a toddler audience and begins to sound like the “whah-whah” of a Charlie Brown Teacher. We all should mimic other’s emotions so that they understand that we get what they are saying. I’ve got a pretty easy going kid but the few tantrums that we have had have been quickly ended or stopped all together because of how I handle communication between us. I like that Karp describes the world from a toddler perspective. They are smaller, less knowledgeable, and weaker than everyone around them. They need to have little “wins” everyday to feel ownership over thier little lives. If we can give them these wins, they are more cooperative with us on the big things. March 7, 2011, by JRonk on

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