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    SNOO Smart Sleeper SNOO Smart Sleeper

    Last stretch of summer!

    Have summer smiles...
    all year long!

    GET 35% OFF!

    GET 35% OFF!

    Why Parents Love SNOO

    • Adds 1-2 hours of sleep
    • Only bed that prevents dangerous rolling
    • Automatically sleep trains (Much less need to cry-it-out)
    • Extra set of hands—ready 24/7 to help you soothe baby, when you need to fix a meal or catch some zzz's

    Created by Dr. Harvey Karp

    America’s #1 pediatrician, author
    of Happiest Baby on the Block,
    creator of the 5S’s.

    Smartest sleeper

    SNOO responds to fussing with extra sound + motion often calming baby in under a minute!

    Sleep trains naturally

    Helps babies become great sleepers
    (by 3 mos, most sleep 9+ hrs)!

    Easy transition to a crib

    Our app makes weaning a snap
    (most babies ready by 5-6 mos).

    snoo routine step

    Safest baby bed

    Baby stays on the back—all night + breathable mesh walls.

    16 major awards

    #1 Swaddle –NY Times
    #1 Innovation –Nat’l Sleep Foundation

    Sleep log

    Parents love watching baby’s sleep get better—and better!

    snoo routine step
    As Seen In World's Most Awarded Baby Bed
    As Seen In World's Most Awarded Baby Bed
    SNOO Smart Baby Sleeper has a rating of 4.4 stars based on 986 reviews.