Women are better at calming babies than men?

NO – Moms are certainly best at breastfeeding, but dads are often the best baby calmers in the family because they’re more comfortable with the “engineering” task of swaddling and with the jiggling and strong shushing.

6 Responses to “Women are better at calming babies than men?”

  1. savana68 Says:

    No way Take it from me – we had a colic situation on our hands and once my husband got used to it, he was like a MASTER with calming the crying.

  2. dan Says:

    Agreed. Sometimes we dads need a little extra training but then we really come through. We dealt with colic and nonstop crying too and I was really overwhelmed by that but Dr Karps book was like my bible and it helped us every step of the way.

  3. Elsa Says:

    I second that. My husband was so much better at the swinging part of the 5 Ss. For some reason I had to work a little harder to figure that out. But it works like magic for babies with colic and really makes a huge difference when you cant get them to stop crying.

  4. darlene7 Says:

    the big joke in our family was that our daughter got colic from her dad because he is such a loud-mouth. but of course we know now that parenting has nothing to do with colic. and her dad was like our MVP when we were dealing with colic, so the answer here is NO, women are not necessarily better at calming babies when theyre crying.

  5. mother of 6 Says:

    i so disagree my husband is a bigger baby than my infant and much crankier and tempermental

  6. Liz Says:

    Absolutely! My husband was the perfect baby calmer for both of our kids. He’s so good at it that he could teach a class on it!

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