What do I do when my child hits me?

Regarding when your child is hitting you; it is good to use words (Toddler-ese) and to narrate back, before the slapping occurs. But if the ‘slap’ happens you can try to put her down, clap loudly, growl and say “no hit! no hit! no hit”….in a stern voice but not angry. Then turn your back and ignore her for 20 seconds. It will be difficult to do but if is still does not work, she may need a time-out.

Dr. Karp recently revised The Happiest Toddler on the Block book (2nd Edition) which has a new “Green–Yellow–Red” light system that teaches parents how to quickly boost their child’s good (green light) behavior, discourage annoying (yellow light) behavior and put the brakes on bad (red light) behavior. It also includes an all-new chapter that reveals foolproof ways to stop tantrums in their tracks; streamlined advise on how to successfully use praise and positive reinforcement to shape children’s behavior, promote cooperation and teach patience; and a handy new appendix listing all of his tips & techniques!

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