What’s Happening During Pregnancy? An Inside Look

In many ways your developing baby is a champion.  Think about it:  He’s growing at an unbelievably fast pace – gaining about half a pound per week.  He’s already hearing, seeing, tasting, breathing, learning, and, of course, FEEDING!  This feeding frenzy happens not only when you eat your meals (at that time, he gets to enjoy a full rainbow of flavors floating through your amniotic fluid), but even between your meals:  In fact, he’s feeding every single second!

And, like any true champion during off-season, she’s also living in the lap of luxury.  She spends the majority of her time sleeping and dreaming, lulled into a deep calm by the constant, soothing, entrancing symphony of sensations provided by your womb.  New parents are often surprised to learn that the strong “whooshing” sound babies hear in the womb is actually louder than a vacuum, and as comforting as the rhythmic sound of ocean waves. 

The interior design is pretty wonderful, too. He’s packaged as perfectly as a precious little pearl: The constant warmth, satin walls, comforting jiggling, and silky, yet strong membrane that enfolds him. 
(And as a bonus, that tender, hardworking champion is receiving an endless massage from the muscular walls of your uterus with every step you take.  Not too shabby!)

On top of all this great protection that nature has designed for your little one, you’re probably going above and beyond to protect her as well:  Eating healthy food, avoiding the toxins that can hurt a baby’s body and brain, like drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes.  (By the way, if you still smoke, now is the perfect time to quit…for you, and for your baby, whose tender lungs and blood make her susceptible to infections, asthma, and even cancer and crib death when exposed to cigarettes).  And, of course, make sure and keep away from dangerous chemicals like pesticides and paint fumes.

Luckily, you still have a few years to go before you’ll actually be packing a yummy lunch to nourish your little one at school…but in a way, you’re already practicing this in the last months of pregnancy through your miraculous placenta.  Besides delivering to your baby every tiny little molecule that is building his flesh, bones, and brain, it is  also packing him a terrific “lunch” he’ll need later on, by loading his body with the extra calories, antibodies, and other valuable morsels of nutrition that will help him grow. 
Think of your placenta as gas pump, filling him up with vital antibodies like a gas tank!   And not just any gas, but like super premium!  It will help him “travel” further and healthier in life. (almost the whole first year of life).  Those antibodies aren’t a complete wall of protection against everything, but they do arm him against a slew of illnesses, from measles to hepatitis. 

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