I know some parents are able to calm …

Comment posted The Great Surprise About Using Swaddling to Calm Colic by Maureen.

I know some parents are able to calm their fussy infants with just swaddling, but my baby had colic and needed 3 or 4 of the 5 S’s before she would relax. But swaddling was always the first step!

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  • Tears for Baby, Tears for Parents
    I felt exactly this way with my first baby, it was so hard. Dr. Karp’s methods were a lifesaver for our family! New parents beat themselves up for not being able to soothe their infants. I totally see the link between postpartum depression, its so overwhelming for some.
  • Colicky Baby? Read This Before Calling an Exorcist
    “The Happiest Baby on the Block” really helped us know how to comfort our baby. Our baby’s non-stop crying became absolutely no crying within ONE WEEK of doing Dr. Karp’s methods. I really believe that mimicking the womb for our newborn 24/7 helped her feel more secure and comfortable with her new surroundings.
  • Toddler Tastebuds: How To Handle Your Picky Eater
    Fantastic suggestions! Meal time is always a battle in our house. We’re always trying to find creative ways to get our toddler to eat more and eat healthier. We’ll give these tips a try!
  • The Dreaded Colic – A “CRYsis” for the whole family
    The 5 S’s were a lifesaver! I don’t know how my husband and I would have survived that time if we hadn’t learned about Dr. Karp’s techniques in a birthing class. We were so overwhelmed and tired, the non-stop crying can make anyone feel vulnerable and powerless.
  • Curing Colic: The 4th Trimester, the Calming Reflex & the 5 S’s
    We didn’t know about Dr. Karp’s suggestions when our newborn had colic, but boy would that have been helpful! We will definitely use the 5 S’s for our next baby! Thanks for the information.

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