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Super-Soothing White Noise CD

New Super Soothing Calming Sounds CD (CDN)

Our Super-Soothing Sleep Sounds CD is the America’s #1 calming CD! It gives you 3 special white noise sounds that calm most babies’ fussies super fast…and 3 more to add 1-3 hours to your tyke’s sleep...every night! 

You'll be amazed how well it works– at home and in the car! Play the CD all naps/nights – about as loud as a shower. Your babies will sleep better…even during teething, colds and trips away from home. 

You can wean the sound whenever you want, but most parents love using it for their baby’s entire 1st year. 

“My daughter will be 2 months tomorrow and every time she's fussy while we're in the car, I turn on the CD and almost every time she'll settle down. (She especially likes the track with the sound of water.)”  Maria, Corona, CA