My son screams when swaddled. I need your help!

It is very common for babies to fight swaddling, but they do so much better with it. Once swaddled well, the other S’s turn on the calming reflex and babies then learn to LOVE the swaddle. Although you are using the Miracle Blanket & he wriggles free of that, you may need to try another type of swaddling blanket or even try using a large, thin blanket of breathable fabric (muslin, cotton or flannelette); making sure his arms are down at his side and the swaddle is extremely snug.

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  1. Rachelle Says:

    I have a 9 week old daughter, and when I swaddle her (she was swaddled from 3-7 weeks non-stop but only gets swaddled when she is cranky or won’t sleep for now) I use a small sized cotton sheet. It is very lightweight and thin so she does not overheat. and considering she is now 12 lbs, it is big enough that she cannot wiggle out of it. (As with every other blanket she has that I have tried swaddling her in!)
    I used the 5 S’s starting at 3 weeks.. It was a life saver. It gives parents confidence and allows them to better bond with their baby because they are so much calmer. An added bonus in my situation is that 4 days after first being swaddled constantly, she started sleeping 5-6 hours and then waking up once in the night and sleeping another 3-4 hours.
    At a little over 6 weeks, she started sleeping at least 8 hours a night and now at 7 weeks sleeps 9-12 hours every night!!!!! :)

  2. Dr_Karp Says:

    Hi Louise, Swaddle the same way as when he was a baby.

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