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May 23, 2013 By Becky Parker
I read the book when I was pregnant, loved it and have been using the 5s’s since my son was born. It was only a half-hearted effort, though. Two nights ago, I couldn’t stop the crying and finally pulled out and used the swaddle blanket I had received. He fell right asleep and so did I!! Four hours later, I woke up on my own and went to check on my son who was sleeping soundly. I told my husband I found the Holy Grail. I could have eliminated my tears (mostly my own) if I had implemented the TIGHT swaddle from the beginning. Here’s to better sleep for Mom, Dad and baby! Thank you for sharing your wisdom…I’m now the happiest mom on the block!

It works! Thank God! (Plus unsolicited advice for desperate parents)
August 4, 2012 By JoSee all my reviews
This thing really worked for our super colicky newborn.
We found that most white noise machines didn’t really do their job when baby was screaming. At those times, as Dr. Karp teaches in his life-saving book “The Happiest Baby on the Block”, you need a loud sound, so the baby can hear it over his own screams. With this CD you can adjust the volume accordingly.
The CD has 6 tracks for different situations (extreme fussiness/crying, calming to sleep, staying asleep, etc)
We found track 2 especially helpful for stopping extreme inconsolable crying/screaming. It worked when nothing else (not even the vacuum cleaner) did. The problem with track 2, however, is that it can give you a headache. But I preferred a headache over baby screaming. When I couldn’t stand track 2, we used track 6 (rain), which worked great to keep him asleep during naps.
Also, the tracks fade in and out, so they don’t startle you or the baby that much.
We purchased a second CD for the car.

If I only bought one thing besides diapers it would have been this dvd,
November 12, 2011 By Paisley’s mom
The first few nights with our baby were horrible. She would not sleep unless we held her the entire time and there was a lot of screaming where we just could not console her. That is until we remembered someone had given us this DVD. We thought it can’t hurt to watch it. Once we watched this short DVD our entire lives changed. Our baby immediately calmed down and slept in her bassinet. It was like magic. One of the tips was swaddling. We like many people thought our baby did not like to be swaddled because she acted as though we were the worst parents in the world when we would try to restrain her arms. We would swaddle her under her arms but that would do nothing to calm her down. One of the tips this DVD taught us was that babies do not like to be put into a swaddle but they like to be in the swaddle. I am so grateful this was in DVD form because we were in no shape to read a book at this point. I think all the words would have blurred together! I will never know someone pregnant with their first child that I will not buy this DVD for. It was the greatest gift we received. I cannot overstate how wonderful this DVD is. I feel like it saved our sanity and possibly our marriage!

One of the best newborn DVDs out there,
November 10, 2011 By jls
I purchased dozens of newborn baby DVDs to prepare for the birth of my second daughter (my husband’s first child). This was by far one of my favourite DVDs. They did a terrific job of producing the DVD and providing parents with great information. I wish I would have known this information when I had my first child!

A Must Have for Every Parent!,
October 29, 2011 By akire32
I have over 15 years of experience with babies and have unwittingly used some of the techniques explained and demonstrated in this video, and I still found it to be enlightening and helpful to the point that I’m now giving it as my signature baby shower gift. Every parent, mothers and fathers, should watch this video. It will give mothers (whether new or experienced) a huge jump start in the learning curve of baby soothing and it will give fathers resources so they can be (and feel) effective and useful. If you only purchase one educational book or video for your self-education as parent to a baby, this MUST be it!

September 23, 2011 By Baby Raqs
Our little baby girl loves to scream, she gets overly tired and will not go to sleep. She is also colic and 5-6 nights out of the week she screams for hours. We watched this video and it helped us so much. It is so simple and seems like common sense but it is common sense you wouldn’t think about using unless you saw the video. We were taught to swaddle in the hospital but the nurses never explain it to well. Now I can swaddle her perfectly super tight and she stays asleep for at least one hour longer. I recommend it!

Happiest baby on the block calming sounds CD
February 18, 2011, by Heidi on Amazon.com
Our 2 weeks old son loves hearing the sounds. He listens carefully and gets a calm glance n his eyes

January 18, 2011, By momof2
I keep track 3 [of the Super-Soothing Sleep Sounds CD] on repeat and my
3 month has slept through the night almost every night since. I definitely recommend it!!

Must have for EVERY baby!!!!
November 7, 2010, By Teri
I have a VERY high maintenance three month old who always seemed to either fight his sleep or when he did finally fall asleep would wake himself up. I was only getting about an hour of sleep a night if that.
I actually bought this CD before he started showing signs of colic, but never used it. Just brought the baby in bed with me and napped when I could. That got old quick!!! I remembered this CD and now, only after a few days of use, can now lie him down still awake and he will put himself to sleep!!! This will be among my things to buy for every future baby shower!!!

Must have for fussy baby in the car!
October 26, 2010, By shanpote
Since she started being more aware of her surroundings a few weeks ago, my now 4-month old would get mad being in the carseat and cry and scream…I was desperately looking for any advice/products to help with her carseat unhappiness…This CD is amazing, track #1 and #2 almost always gets her attention when she starts to fuss/cry. Track #6 the falling rain puts her (and us) to sleep and we use it for naptime/night time.

My baby thanks you!
June 6, 2010, By Jerry H.
I want to tell you how your DVD changed my life. Your 5 S’s technique has allowed me to calm and relax my baby so instead of focusing on her crying it gave me the ability to really get to know my baby. Now I know how to immediately calm her so I can find what she really wants.Before I would have been nervous to try things fearing she might start crying again. I remember staying in the same position for hours because she had fallen asleep on my chest. Even though my back was aching I was afraid to move to put her in her swing. Now I can try whatever I want with the freedom of knowing if she does cry I can calm her. Because of you our baby is sleeping 5 hours straight at only 4 weeks old! My wife and I are much more relaxed and have so much more confidence now because we do not dread when she begins to cry. We know there is something we can do that will work every time!

He swaddling part really helped!,
February 21, 2010, by anonymous
I used the book “The happiest baby on the block” and it helped my one month old sleep from 10-6 every night (we’re talking about a baby that would wake up every few hours). The swaddling part really helped. If I swaddle him really tightly then he sleeps so well.

Miracle in the car!,
July 16, 2009, By Ellen Hoppmann Scott “Ella” (Baltimore, MD)
At 8 weeks, my daughter decided that she HATED the carseat. It makes life difficult when you are unable to go anywhere in a car because your baby screams so hard she chokes and gags as soon as she’s strapped in (she’s fine the second she’s out of her seat)!! I tried this CD (a gift from my baby shower I had never used) at 14 weeks and it WORKED!!! We have taken 3 successful car trips thus far (2 half-hour round trips and a 2 hour round trip!!). At one point, when I stopped for gas, she began screaming–I turned up the volume on track 1 and she stopped immediately! Even if this CD NEVER works again, it is SO worth it for those 3 trips!!!!!

Life saver
June 29, 2009, By C. vanasselt “starznskys” (cincinnati)
I have an 11 week old baby. We’ve had this DVD for over a month now it is has saved our lives! He has been slightly colicky and fussy since we brought him home from the hospital. I had about 4-5 people recommend this DVD and as soon as we watched it, it worked on our son! I have since recommended it to other new parents and they have said the same thing. I am looking forward to buying the toddler version when my son gets to that stage. Every pediatrician should teach new parents this method.

June 20, 2009 , By J. Burton (Upper Peninsula of Michigan)
Our daughter was 5 weeks old and wouldn’t sleep ever for more than 1/2 hour and was cranky fussy all the time! I was at the end of my ropes and then I went to the mailbox and the video was finally there. Within 20 minutes she was sound asleep, swaddled in her swing. My husband got home 2 hours later and was amazed, we thought she didn’t like to be swaddled, we just didn’t know how to do it! She now sleeps only in her swing but she actually sleeps, for about 7 hours a night and good naps during the day:)We got it 4 weeks ago. Definately worth the money:)

Parents especially need these strategies for challenging infants.
May 29, 2009, By Believing Grandma (Wichita, KS)
This product was extremely helpful for my infant grandson and his parents. When he was fussy and difficult to get to sleep they swaddled him and went through the steps. It worked to calm him and gave his parent some peace, too. The video is most helpful because you can watch the strategies being implemented. Every parent should have these skills in their “tool kit”. I also highly recommend this product for other infant caregivers.

A Lifesaver!
February 2, 2009, By H. Campbell
My husband says that this product was a lifesaver for him. There is a section on how to swaddle your newborn up tight and make them feel very safe, which in turn helps them to not cry so much. He used this technique a lot at bedtime. We liked this video so much that we bought four more for the future as baby shower presents!

January 6, 2009, By Amy B.
Every mother should own this book! I give it as a gift at every baby shower I attend!! The concepts in the book are right on and gives great advice on how to calm a colicky baby. I used to read this book in the passenger seat while my husband would drive around town to calm my first newborn down…that was the only peaceful time I could get some reading in!! Nothing seemed to stop him from crying after 6pm…until I read this book and did what it said!! I have many friends who have tried this approach and all have had success. This book is worth the money:)

This is amazing!
December 9, 2008, By tomkitten (Knoxville, TN)
My brother used these techniques with my neice when she arrived last year. Watching, I became annoyed at how tightly he swaddled her and how loudly he “shushed” in her ear. But her reaction was amazing! She suddenly became quiet with her eyes as big as saucers, completely calmed. My husband and I just purchased the DVD ourselves and watched it last night, and we could hardly believe how baby after baby after baby was calmed using the 5S’s. Our baby is due next month, and we are anxious to use the techniques we learned in the video. I have three friends who are pregnant now, and I will be purchasing this DVD as shower gifts. This was a great find, and I highly recommend it!

Well, we now know first-hand that the techniques work! Our baby had her personal fussy time (not colic) every evening, and the ONLY thing that calmed her was the blend of the Happiest Baby techniques. She wasn’t a big swaddle fan, but it helped her sleep. The shushing and side holding were instant calmers when she had her meltdowns in the evening, and the shushing alone would calm her on car rides. You MUST buy this DVD if you are expecting! The book is great, too!

The 1st Book You Need
September 3, 2008, By Nicole Mcginnis “mcginnisn” (Austin, TX)
This book is the 1st book you should read when coming home from the hospital (or shortly before having the baby). I had a very fussy baby and the soothing techniques shared in this book are an amazing education on how to care for a fussy child when nothing else works. The results are immediate. This book gave me the knowledge that boosted my confidence and made me more capable of caring for my child.
Pros– Invaluable soothing techniques and easy to understand definition on colic
Cons– None

This book saved my sanity
February 26, 2008, By Andrew Smith (Renton, WA)
One of the hardest things I had to deal with when I became a new father is what to do with my screaming baby. At three in the morning, my ability to restrain my anger at my wailing son was tested many times, but the lessons in this book saved me and my son. You can use that frustration to employ Karp’s “5 S’s” most effectively: swaddling the baby tightly, swinging obsessively, and shhing loudly. Though the concept of the 5 S’s can be distilled into a two-page chart (which is in the book), the rest of the book describes the framework for the concepts in a way that makes total sense. I teach a class for new fathers at the hospital where I work, and this book is one of the most important things I recommend for new dads (and moms).

Saved our sanity!
February 19, 2008, By K. Jutras “AKJ Mom” (Beverly, MA)
There’s no question this book saved our sanity. I only wish I had read it before our son was born and we were dealing with colic. The “5 S’s” really work! The techniques are simple and if you follow the directions, you can learn to calm the baby down MUCH faster than you could without these techniques. We were at the end of our rope, feeling like we were walking on eggshells wondering if this would be a night that Alex had a colic spell or would we escape for a night? It was miserable, and you feel so helpless when your baby is crying and nothing you do soothes him. Our pediatrician told us we would have to “wait it out” for several weeks until the colic phase passed. I would have lost my mind if we had not found this book! I have since recommended it to anyone and everyone I know having a baby, because even if the baby doesn’t have colic, all babies cry at some point, and this book is invaluable!!

August 12, 2007, By Christa N. Rosas (Washington, D.C.)
This DVD has saved our lives. My husband and I had no idea what to do with a newborn and had no plan on how to care for it in terms of crying and soothing. We tried not to think about it and figured we would do what others did and wing it and learn by trial and error. This DVD made that unncessary as we were given a five step plan for each time he was fretful. Each time, we did the 5 step plan and IT WORKED. I have since bought this for each of my pregnant friends as their baby shower gift. They see how i can settle my infant in under a minute and they are shocked. This alone is testament to the power of the instruction in this DVD. I also could not live without the calming sounds CD you can purchase as well. I put in my CD player and then loaded it into my IPOD for in the car. When baby gets crabby in the car and there is little you can do, put on the sounds and instantly he is quiet all the way home. A MUST HAVE!!

My baby sleeps through the night, EVEN ON VACATION in a noisy Resort!
March 31, 2007, By Jamie White (Wisconsin)
We had trouble getting our two month old to sleep soundly with all the creaks in the floorboards and older kids running around untill we picked up this cd. It was too cold to put a fan in her room and another cd (waves) wasn’t doing the trick and we really need that constant noise for our light sleeper. The heartbeat on the cd, set to repeat so it plays all the time, is a lifesaver! I haven’t really tried the other noises, since she wasn’t a colicky baby, but since knowing a few in my life, I’m sure the vaccuum noise will work like a charm.
***A Follow Up… Still using it at one year- and love it! We even brought the cd with us on vacation to block out any noises and was a major comfort to our baby that she fell asleep right away even in a strange place! Thanks!

Amazing results
March 21, 2007, By saguaro “kimber” (AZ)
i had a very colicky baby from 2 weeks old to 10 weeks old and this was the best cd of all the ones i tried (classical, lullabye, ocean sounds, television, etc) to calm my baby and most importantly, to keep him sleeping longer. the last track was his favorite, the sound of the rain. he sleeps so much longer now that i play that track on “repeat” all night long. and i can get things done during his naps because the rain sound covers up the noise of me in the kitchen, etc. And, when he is really cranky and there’s nothing else i can do for him, i can put him down in his bed and play the whole cd from start to finish and it calms him and puts him to sleep 75% of the time, which is a huge improvement from other attempts.

The best! Absolutely a must have!
January 9, 2007, By micdaisy1 “micdaisy1″ (San Ramon, Calif)
I cannot rave enough about this CD! It truly works and has worked with every baby I know (a great gift) It takes some getting used to for the adult but if you crank it up enough for the baby to hear (over their crying) it works like magic! I kept this cd in my car until my daughter was 1, a must have for every new baby! The book is great too!

The miracle cure for fussiness and crying!
August 18, 2006, By Clara M. Sowers “New mom :)” (Miami, FL)
This CD is a must have for any new or experienced mother. I have a 5-week old baby girl that has a tough time falling asleep soundly, she’ll wake up after 10-15 minutes every time! I always have to get her to sleep in my arms, and then pat her for a while after I put her down because she gets fussy again. Now, I can put her down all fussy (making sure that she is fed and has a clean diaper on) and she goes to sleep by herself instantly!!!! I believe I have been saved from loosing my mind thanks to this CD!

April 17, 2006, By A. Ritt
My daughter had colic until she was about 3 months old. Dr. Karp’s advice saved my sanity. It was the only thing that helped. The drops didn’t help. changing my diet didn’t help. The only thing that worked were the techniques reviewed in this DVD. I have the book but with a newborn, who can read? The DVD has an excellent questions and answers section and Dr. Karp’s manner is very calming.

A Sanity Saver!!!
April 5, 2005, By Nancy K. (San Diego, CA)
When we purchased this CD, my husband and I were desperate. Our daughter would not go down to bed at night. She cried for hours! We did not know what else to do. We bought this based upon reviews of other parents. When we received it, we thought all of that “woosh woosh woosh” would never work. We were wrong!!! It worked for us the first night. It helps our daughter calm down and get to sleep. And if she wakes up in the middle of the night, we put it back on and it helps her to get back to sleep quickly. We would not be without this CD.

The Most Important Purchase for New Parents
July 30, 2002, By A Customer
I have read just about every major book that purports to explain why some babies are fussy and how to calm them. None of them can hold a candle to Dr. Karp’s book. Forget about gas and all the other theories — this book clearly and easily explains what newborns are experiencing. And the best part is the technique for calming that is based on cutting edge medical research. The book’s explanation of the “calming reflex” is pretty fascinating, but if you really want to calm your baby, buy the accompanying video with the book. It is an eye-opener! When you see Dr. Karp take a dozen different babies and calm them in a matter of seconds, you finally see what the book can’t stress enough — it’s a calming REFLEX, just like swallowing, and anyone can learn how to trigger it. The video is a surefire way to assure yourself that you are mastering the technique. It shows the technique again and again, with helpful tips and trouble-shooting. This is the ticket to new parents’ peace of mind.

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