Is it dangerous to continue to swaddle a baby after they are able to roll over?

Many babies still need swaddling at six months and some may need it up to 7, 8 even 9 months of age. Although we do not want your granddaughter to be sleeping on the stomach swaddled because that might increase her risk for SIDS; however Dr. Karp strongly recommends using our CD of white noise all night long as the sounds will help her sleep better and she will not wake as often. By using the CD of white noise throughout the night it will help her wean from the swaddle even faster and even have her sleeping better so she fights the swaddle (arching her back and working her arms up and cries while being wrapped). Once sleeping calmly with the white noise, she will be less likely to roll over. Many parents/grandparents find it beneficial to use the CD of white noise for at least 12 months of age!

Swaddling was always done for Native Americans, usually well past 6 months of age with no problems to the joints of muscles — as long as the wrapping is done correctly as Dr. Karp demonstrates on the DVD. The swaddle should allow the hips to flex and grow normally, but still keep her snug enough she doesn’t break from the swaddle to wake herself in the middle of the night.

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  1. Roger Says:

    First off, let me just say that 21 days in with my baby boy, swaddling has been a life saver.

    One suggestion to address the rolling over issue may be the use of a snuggle nest type infant sleeper. These can be adjusted with growth yet will provide some degree of enclosure to the swaddled infant preventing rolling over. It’s been working for us.

    Again, Dr. Karp’s a life saver. Oh and by the way, check out the movie “Babies” to see some serious swaddling, Mongolian style!

  2. Dr_Karp Says:

    Hi Seth, Babies often struggle against swaddling, but once you add on the sound, motion, sucking…they almost always settle into a sweet sleep. And the swaddling keeps them form startling awake….that’s why it is used so extensively around the world. Remember, in the womb they had very little room to move the arms. So I encourage all parents to use swaddling, for at least 4 months.
    All best, Dr. Karp (sorry for the short response….)

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