I would love to know if the 5 Ss are mainly for newborns or if you can start with an older baby (12 weeks)

The 5 S’s will still be beneficial if you begin swaddling your son as they work well past 3 months. Also, swaddling correctly is the cornerstone of good calming and sleep. Dr. Karp recommends swaddling at least until 4 months of age, and many babies need it until 5, 6, 7 months of age. If your son is getting out of the swaddle, the blanket may be too small or he is incorrectly wrapped. The Perfect Swaddling Solution is a great swaddle blanket as it is a large, thin blanket perfect for getting a snug swaddle and can be found on our website.

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  1. steph Says:

    My 8 month old son goes to bed at 8ish but he wakes about an hour later and cries till i pick him up he stands in his crib and screams. As soon as i do pick him up he falls asleep if i lie him down in his crib once again hes up in a hour. and we do this over and over again, so we put him in bed with us and still hes tossing and turning and waking up through the night. Im nursing so i just feed him so he will go back to sleep..Does he have a sleeping disorder? HELP

  2. Aline Says:

    I have the same problema:My daughter is 8 months old, she only sleeps if I pack it every time she wakes up. It turns out that a month ago she slept alone in the crib every time he felt sleepy. I do not know what changed, and what should I do?
    I am Brazilian, and I apologize for my English …

  3. Carolina Says:

    Hi, I have not swaddled my son but he doesn´t need blanquet to sleep, do I have to swaddle him? Is the book structured all over swaddeling? if so, what other issue does it develops? May I have a list of themes? Thank You

  4. Dr_Karp Says:

    you dont have to swaddle, but 99% of babies sleep better and longer with swaddling and strong white noise (like they enjoyed 24/7 in the womb)

  5. Lori Says:

    Can I start these swaddling and 5 s’s now at 41/2 months? My daughter slept very well up until about a week ago and she now screams all afternoon from about 1pm until 7pm sometimes longer,

  6. Dr_Karp Says:

    Yes, even older children are often calmed by being held, shushed and rocked. For sleep I would definitely recommend using womb sound all night/naps for the first year (I think our specially engineered white noise CD/iTunes download work the best. Play it as loud as a shower. If after a few nights that is not helping you might try swaddling her again…or even letting her sleep with the white noise and buckled into a fully reclined swing all night. Good luck! Dr. Karp

  7. Dr_Karp Says:

    Hi Holly, That sounds exhausting. I recommend the strong white noise all naps/nights for at least the first 12 months….but it may take 3-4 days for you to see the benefit. As I said above, I recommend you always put him in bed awake (if he has fallen asleep, jostle him a tiny bit when you place him in bed to wake him slightly…so he learns to put himself to sleep when he is not in your arms…if he cries…jiggle the crib or pick him up to calm him…then put him back in the bed). I would also make sure you wake him up every couple of hours to feed during the day and for a dream feed at around 11PM. Please let me know how it goes! Dr. Karp

  8. Dr_Karp Says:

    Hi Mehgan,
    Sounds exhausting! I would not go back to the swaddling…I think that boat has sailed, but I would recommend you use our CD sound 5 or 6 (all naps and nights – as loud as a shower…when you’re in it!). And you have to start putting her down awake for all sleep…it’s ok if she falls asleep nursing, but you have to rouse her a little when you put her down…otherwise she may keep calling for you every time she wakes. If she cries when you rouse her…pick her up and calm her…but then place her back down again…do you use a paci?

    All best, Dr. Karp

  9. Brooke Gardner Says:

    We got this book from a friend after our daughter was 8 weeks old. She had entered a “fussy” phase at week 6. The techniques described in the book worked instantly for our 8 week old daughter. We are just at day three of working on the techniques, but she went from sleeping only three hours at a stretch to seven hours last night! The book has helped so much!! I will be recommending it to all my friends that are moms with young babies!

  10. Jen Says:

    a forgot to mention a couple of items from other comments. Yes we use a paci and sometimes all you have to do at that wake up is put it back in and he will drift right back off. Also we have a swing, and have used it for naps, but so far have resisted using it for all night sleep.

    Thanks !

  11. Dr_Karp Says:

    Hi Jen,
    It sounds like he is waking during the light sleep part of his cycle. This is very common at this age. I would use a stronger white noise like the hair drier sound and as loud as a shower (I think our CD/itunes are the best sounds because they are specially engineered to perfectly mimic the womb).
    Good luck,

    Dr. Karp

  12. Dr_Karp Says:

    sure – try it – during the first 3-4 month the calming is usually fast and very consistent…even older kids (and adults) will calm with the 5 S’s…but only if they are ready to be calmed.

  13. Dr_Karp Says:

    yes…this may help you…it is worth a try…it can even help babies with reflux…but you need to follow the technique as shown on the DVD…and use a good, strong, rumbly white noise.

  14. Dr_Karp Says:

    Hi Candice, I can hear your frustration! I know it is hard to swaddle a baby who resists it…but once swaddled, adding the strong sound and jiggly motion is the key to calming….then they are not as desperate for the sucking. I would recommend you stick with the swaddling (and always use the strong, rumbly white noise)…but maybe try it once he is already deeply asleep. The best time to offer the paci is towards the end of a nursing…when your baby is sucking very slowly…but at 3 months, it may not be possible to get him into the habit.
    Dr. Karp

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