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Dr. Karp’s AppearancesHarvey Karp is great. I’ve already put his principles into practice in my baby care classes with real live babies. It works!!

Hands on techniques that work and can be learned by anyone! Much like Lamaze techniques! How wonderful for new parents.

Just Awesome. Dr. Karp used humor and wisdom to deliver his theory. Held the audience and used the evidence also.

The seminar was amazing. The information was impressive and Dr. Karp has the ability to provide an informative and enthusiastic presentation. Great job!


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January 2015

January 22: Pasadena, CA: Kaiser SCAN Committee Presentation (THT)


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February 2014

February 4: Los Angeles, CA: Nurse Practitioner Seminar at UCLA
February 8: Santa Monica, CA: Parents Lecture, Pump Station (THB+THT)
February 12: Las Vegas, NV: 15th Annual National Fatherhood & Families Conference (THB+THT)

March 2014

March 14: Los Angeles, CA: UCLA Grand Rounds (THB+Prevention of SIDS & PPD)
March 29: Los Angele, CA: International Nanny Association annual Conference at The Hilton LAX (THB+THT)

April 2014

April 23: Park Ridge, IL: Advocate Lutheran Hospital (THB)
April 23: Chicago, IL: Lurie Children’s Hospital (THB)
April 23: Indianapolis, IN: An Evening with Harvey Karp (THB & THT)
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April 24: Indianapolis, IN: The 4th Trimester: Indiana Perinatal Educators Conference (THB)
April 26: Lexington, KY: Expecting Great Things (THB)
April 27: Los Angeles, CA: Pregnancy Awareness event

May 2014

April 30-May 3: Hollywood, CA: Safe Swaddling Medical Advisory Board of the International Hip Dysplasia Institute lecture on swaddling
May 15: Detroit, MI: Wayne State University, College of Education (THT)
May 16:  Detroit, MI: Wayne State University, Merrill Palmer Skillman Institute (THB & THT)
May 18: Chicago, IL: Best of Bump Club and Beyond (THB & THT)
May 18-19: Jacksonville, FL: PCA Conference (THT+Preventing Shaken Baby Syndrome)

June 2014

June 7 : Huntington Beach, CA: Spring Family Fest, Club MomMe OC (THB,THT)
June 10: Fort Myer, VA: Joint Base Myer-Henderson-Hall (THB & THT)
June 13: New York, NY: NYU Grand Rounds
June 14-18: Orlando, FL: AWHONN Conference (THB)
June 17: Orlando, FL: AWHONN Conference: Preventing PPD: A Novel Paradigm Using Infant Calming and Sleep Promotion to Mitigate Postpartum Mood Disorder

July 2014

July 7-9: International Infant Cry Workshop, University of Warwick, United Kingdom (THB)

August 2014

August 18-19: Phoenix, AZ: First Things First Conference (Keynote on THB)

September 2014

September 20: Long Beach, CA: Natural and Holistic Baby Expo (THB)

October 2014

October 11-14: San Diego, CA: American Academy of Pediatrics
AAP National Conference & Exhibition

December 2014

December 4-8: Dubai, UAE: Excellence in Pediatrics Conference (THB & THT)
December 7-11: New Orleans, LA: National Head Start Association 31st Parent Conference and Family Engagement Institutes
December 10-12: Ft. Lauderdale, FL: Zero to Three’s National Training Institute (THT)


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January 2013

January 23: Sylmar, CA: Olive View Grand Rounds at UCLA Medical Center Club (THB)
January 25: Los Angeles, CA: MomMe event (THT)
January 27: San Diego, CA: Postpartum Health Alliance Happy Moms, Healthy Families Event
January 30: San Diego, CA: Prevention of PPD, Reproductive Medicine Grand Rounds at University of California San Diego (THB)

February 2013

February 1: San Diego, CA: AAP First 5 at AMN Healthcare (THB+THT)
February 1: San Diego, CA: Naval Grand Rounds at Naval Medical Center (THB)
February 5: Los Angeles, CA: UCLA PNP Presentation at UCLA (THB)
February 14: Hollywood, CA: Pump Station Event (THT+Q&A +Signing)
February 15: Santa Monica, CA: Pump Station Event (THT+Q&A +Signing)
February 25: Providence, RI: Brown University: Lew Lipsitt (THB)
February 28: New York, NY: Columbia Teacher’s College Colloquium lecture (THT)

March 2013

March 4-6: Raleigh, NC: PCA Conference (THT)

April 2013

April 11-12: St. Cloud, MN: MNAFEE conference doing (THB+THT)

May 2013

May 5: Santa Monica, CA: Pregnancy Awareness Month event, (THB)
May 6: New Orleans, LA: Children’s Hospital New Orleans (THB+THT)
May 6: New Orleans, LA: ACOG annual conference (THB)
May 7: Boston, MA: Boston Medical Center (THB)
May 8: Lakehurst, NJ: Family Advocacy Program at Joint Base McGuire (THB+THT)

June 2013

May 30-June 2: Sofia, Bulgaria (THB+THT+Infant Sleep)
June 14: US Army Kaiserslautern, Germany: Family Advocacy Program (THB+THT) at USAG
June 17: Leiden, Holland: Presentations in Terigoo Hospital (THB+THT)
June 18: Amsterdam: University of Amsterdam (THB+THT)

July 2013

July 16: Los Angeles, CA: First 5 Presentation (THB)
July 17: Los Angeles, CA: UCLA Family Medicine Grand Rounds (THB)
July 18: Pasadena, CA: Kaiser Regional Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect (SCAN) Committee Meeting (THB)

August 2013

August 15: Boston, MA: MA Children’s Trust (THB)

October 2013

October 16: Kansas City, KS: Pediatric Resident Talks (THT)
October 17: Kansas City, KS: University of Kansas Medical Center Grand Rounds (THB)
October 23-24: Tampa, FL: University of South Florida OBGYN (THB) and Pediatrics (THT)
October 30: Pittsburgh, PA: University of Pittsburgh Family Medicine Grand rounds (THB)
October 30: Pittsburgh, PA: Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Grand Rounds (THB)

November 2013

November 1: Long Beach, CA: SCPMG 55th Annual Pediatric Symposium at The Hyatt (THB+THT)
November 5: Los Angeles, CA: Sinai Temple (THT)
November 12: Los Angeles, CA: Nurses Seminar UCLA (THB+THT)

December 2013

December 6: Phoenix, AZ: Family Law Conference (THB)
December 6: Phoenix, AZ: First Things First (THB)


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April 2012

April 16-20: Washington, DC: 18th National Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect
April 25: Boston, MA: Boston Medical Center Literature Seminar
April 26: Westborough, MA: MA Pregnant and Parenting Teen Initiative (MPPTI) at the Doubletree Hotel (THB+THT)
April 28: Augusta, GA: Oh Baby! at Doctors Hospital (THB+THT)

May 2012

May 15: New York, NY: The Blue School (THT)
May 17: New York, NY: Weill Cornell Medical College Women’s Clinic (THB+THT)
May 19: New York, NY: NY Baby Show (THB+THT)
May 20: Norfolk, VA: Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters Baby Fair

June 2012

June 7: Los Angeles, CA: Mommy blogger luncheon
June 10: Los Angeles, CA: PLUSH Baby and Toddler trade show (THB+THT+Q&A)
June 12: New York, NY: Harper Collins Luncheon Exclusive Presentation on The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep and Fathom Parents night out
June 13: Brooklyn, NY: Barnes & Noble Park Slope Presentation and Book Signing of the Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep
June 18: New York, NY: Early Childhood Staff at HCZ Early Childhood Center (THT)
June 21: Nashville, TN: Nation Wide LIVE Parents Night Out

July 2012

July 25: Chicago, IL: Bump Club and Beyond The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep reading, Q&A
July 25: Peoria, IL: University of Illinois College of Medicine West (THB)
July 24: Roseville, MN: The Minnesota Department of Education at University of MN (THT)

August 2012

August 5: Santa Monica, CA: Boobie-Palooza 2012 at The Pump Station
August 31 – September 1: Santiago, Chile: International Pediatrics Symposium

September 2012

September 13: Mar Vista, CA: Well Baby Center (THB+THT)

October 2012

October 8: Wynnewood, PA: Lankenau Medical Center (THB+THT)
October 8: Paoli, PA: Paoli Hospital (THB)
October 22: New Orleans, LA: Children’s Hospital of New Orleans (THB+THT)
October 26: Boston, MA: PPD Commission Presentation at Boston University of Law (THB)

November 2012

November 14: Harlem, NY: Harlem Children’s Zone (THB)
November 16: New York, NY: Mount Sinai Grand Rounds
November 28-30: T Los Angeles, CA: Zero to Three 27th National Training Institute at JW Marriot in Downtown (THT)


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January 11: Los Angeles, CA: Cedars-Sinai, Neonatology Lecture (THB)
January 13: Long Beach, CA:  EndAbuse Long Beach (THB + THT)
January 22-28:  San Diego, CA:  Chadwick Conference (THB)


February 1:  Los Angeles, CA:  Cedars-Sinai, Collaborative Practice Meeting (THB)
February 18:  Nampa, ID:  Perinatal Winter Project Conference (THB + THT)
February 26:  Dallas, TX:  DFW Expo (THB + THT)
February 28:  Dallas, TX:  Prevent Child Abuse Texas Annual Conference (THB + THT)

MARCH 2011

March 22:  Baltimore, MD:  Franklin Medical Center, Grand Rounds and Public Lecture (THB + THT)
March 24:  Washington, DC:  American Academy of Pediatrics DC Chapter Spring Meeting (THB)
March 24:  Washington, DC:  Children’s National Medical Center, Grand Rounds (THT)
March 25-26: Baltimore, MD: NAPNAP Conference. (THB + THT)
March 30:  New York, NY:  92nd Street Y (THB and THT)

APRIL 2011

April 5:  New York, NY:  Child Mind Institute (THT)
April 5:  New York, NY:  Women’s Health Consortium (THB)
April 7:  San Francisco, CA:  San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center (THB)
April 12:  Howard County, IN:  Prevent Child Abuse Howard County Conference (THB and THT)

MAY 2011

May 1: Santa Monica, CA: Pregnancy Awareness Month, Expert panelist
May 13: San Antonio, TX: Fort Sam Houston, Grand Rounds and Public Lecture (THB + THT)

JUNE 2011

June 3: Chicago, IL: American Academy of Pediatrics Annual Conference (THB + THT)
June 4: Naperville, IL: Erikson Institute/Edward Hospital presentation (THB + THT)


September 15-16: Seattle, WA: PSI Conference (THB +THT)
September 23-24: West Yellowstone, MT: AAP conference (THB + THT)
September 30: Los Angeles, CA: LA County Perinatal Mental Health Task Force Meeting (THB)


October 15-16: New York, NY: New Parents Expo (THB + THT)


November 13: Hollywood, CA: Speak Up When You’re Down Gala
November 30: Santa Monica, CA: Saint John’s Hospital (THB + THT)


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January 28 – KS, Leawood: Destination Maternity: Public Lecture (THB)


February 10 – CA, San Bernardino: SART Training (THBE)
February 19 – NY, New York: Mount Sinai School of Medicine: Grand Rounds (THB+THT)

MARCH 2010

March 6-10 – MD, National Harbor: AMCHP conference: Exhibit (THBE)

APRIL 2010

April 13 – CA, Loma Linda: 4th Annual Keep Me Safe Parenting Conference: Keynote (THB+THT)
April 17 – CA, Rolling Hills Estates: Casa Del Los Angelitos: Keynote (THB+THT)
April 22-23 – MI, Flint: Great Start Collaborative: Keynote (THB+THT)
April 28 – CA, Ontario: 20th Annual Perinatal Symposium: Keynote (THB)
April 29 – CA, San Francisco: UCSF: Grand Rounds (THB)

MAY 2010

May 13 – CA, San Diego: First 5 Healthy Development Services Partner Retreat: (THB+THT)

JUNE 2010

June 24 – NY, New York: Mt. Sinai Adolescent Health Center: Grand Rounds (THB)
June 28 – NY, New York: Albert Einstein College of Medicine: Grand Rounds (THB)
June 30 – NY, New York: 92Y Tribeca: Public Lecture (THB+THT) http://www.92y.org/shop/92Tri_event_detail.asp?productid=T-MD5DT27

JULY 2010

July 15 – CA, Walnut Creek: Destination Maternity: Public Lecture (THB)
July 21 – Turkey, Istanbul: Acibadem Healthcare Group: Public Lecture (THB+THT)


August 3 – Turkey, Adana: Incirlik AFB: Grand Rounds (THB) & Public Lecture (THB+THT)


September 7 – TX, Houston: University of Texas: Public Lecture (THB+THT)
September 12 – GA, Atlanta: Eleventh International Conference on Shaken Baby Syndrome/Abusive Head Trauma: Workshop (THB) http://www.dontshake.org/sbs.php?topNavID=5&subNavID=38
September 14 – IL, Chicago: CityMatCH: Breakout Session (THB+THT) http://www.citymatch.org/
September 16 – MD, Bethesda: Destination Maternity Grand Opening: Public Lecture (THB)


October 14-15 – IL, Springfield: 16th Annual PCA Illinois Conference: Keynote (THB) + Workshop (THT)http://www.preventchildabuseillinois.org/code/pca_conf.html
October 27 – DC, Washington: Birth to Three Institute: Workshop (THB) http://www.ehsnrc.org/


November 6 – CA, Anaheim: NAEYC Conference: (THB+THT) http://www.naeyc.org/conference/


December 4-6 – TX, Houston: Zero To Three Conference: Field Presentation (THT) http://zttnticonference.org/


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February 24 – Washington, DC: Association of Maternal Child Health (AMCHP) Conference: THT www.amchp.org

MARCH 2009

March 9 – Cedar Rapids, IA: Maternal Child Nurse (MCN) Conference: (THB + THT) www.stlukescr.org
March 10 + 11 – Bay City, MI: Bay Regional Medical Center: (THB + THT)
March 19 – Jacksonville, FL: Destination Maternity: (THB)

APRIL 2009

April 1-4 – Atlanta, GA: National Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect (NCCAN): (THB) www.pal-tech.com
April 13 – Los Angeles, CA: UCLA Developmental Psychology Forum: (THT)
April 16 – Denver, CO: Pediatric Challenges: (THB)
April 17 – Denver, CO: Colorado Chapter AAP: (THT)
April 18 – St. Louis, MO: “Bloom” St. John’s Mercy Health Care: (THB + THT)

MAY 2009

May 7+8 – Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada): Annual APIN Conference: (THB + THT)


October 17-20 – Washington, DC: American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) National Conference & Exhibit (Exhibit Only): www.aapexperience.org


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Media Coverage
January Issue: Parents Magazine; “Me Mommy, You Toddler”, by Barrie Gillies
January 14: The New York Times: The Right Way to Swaddle www.well.blogs.nytimes.com

AOL Coaches
Dr. Karp’s Coaches Main page: www.coaches.aol.com/kids-and-family/harvey-karp
Dr. Karp’s “The Happiest Baby” Video Workshop: www.coaches.aol.com/kids-and-family/harvey-karp/happy-baby


February 22: Los Angeles, CA; Society of Pediatric Nurses Annual Conference (THB+THT)
February 26: Woodland Hills, CA; Bureau of Jewish Education Early Childhood Institute (THB+THT) www.bjela.org

Media Coverage
February 5: New York Times Health Blog; “Coping with the Caveman in the Crib,” by Tara Parker-Pope
February Issue: Parents Magazine; “Sob Story”, by Robin Immerman Gruen
February 17: Uniontown Herald-Standard, “The Happiest Baby’ program helps sooth crying newborns,” by Frances Borsodi Zajac www.heraldstandard.com
February 25: The Cheers.Org Magazine; “Think like a Neanderthal to curb your two-year old’s tantrum”. www.thecheers.org

MARCH 2008

March 12: Sacramento, CA; Kaiser Permanente (THT)
March 12: Placerville, CA; Early Care & Education Planning Council (THB+THT)
March 19: Huntsville, AL; National Symposium on Child Abuse (THB+THT) www.nationalcac.org
March 20: Birmingham, AL; Prevent Child Abuse Alabama (THB+THT) www.ctf.alabama.gov

Media Coverage
March 6: Larry King Live: Autism and Vaccines, the case of Hannah Poling
March 13: CBS News Up to the Minute: “Soothing Baby’s Cries: Tips for Keeping Baby Calm and Happy”, by Erin Petrun www.cbsnews.com
March 2008: Parents.com; “When Does Discipline Begin?” by Leslie Pepper www.parents.com
March 31: AJC.com; “Cure Tantrums Like Cavemen” by Theresa Giarrusso www.ajc.com

APRIL 2008

April 1: Santiago, Chile; Catholic University (THB+THT)
April 3: Las Vegas, NV; American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Regional Conference (TBD)
April 4: Loma Linda, CA; Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital (THB+THT)
April 5: Long Beach, CA; CA Assoc. for the Education of Young Children (THB+THT) www.caeyc.org
April 7: Encino, CA; Tarzana Regional Medical Center (THT)
April 10-11: Philadelphia, PA; DVAEYC Early Childhood Conference (THB+THT) www.dvaeyc.org

April 16: Nashville, TN; NAPNAP (Nurse Practitioners) Conference (THB+THT) www.napnap.org
April 17: New Orleans, LA; NACCP (Childcare Professionals) Conference (THB+THT) www.naccp.org
April 24: Lexington, KY; H.A.N.D.S. State Training (THB+THT)

Media Coverage
April 5: Red Orbit; “Five Simple Steps to Calm Your Baby’s Fussies” by Dr. Harvey Karp www.redorbit.com
April: BabyZone “Top 10 Ways to Go Green with Baby: Easy ways to be an eco-friendly parent” by Marisa Bardach www.babyzone.com

MAY 2008

May 2: Los Angeles, CA; UCLA Medical Grand Rounds (THT)
May 20: Milwaukee, WI; Prevent Child Abuse America National Conference (THT) www.preventchildabuse.org
May 21-22: Durham, NC; Duke University Hospital (THB) www.welcomebaby.org
May 23: Boston, MA; American College of Nurse-Midwives Annual Meeting (THB+THT) www.acnm.org
May 24-25: San Diego, CA; Child Life Council (THB+THT) www.childlife.org
May 31-June 1: Denver, CO; BabyTime Expo (THB+THT) www.babytimeexpo.com

Media Coverage
May 23: News & Observer; “The Baby Whisperer” by Sarah Lindenfeld Hall www.newsobserver.com

JUNE 2008

June 3: Oakland, CA; Oakland Children’s Hospital (TBD)
June 4: Los Angeles, CA; Kehillat Temple (THB+THT) www.kehillatisrael.org
June 5: Lafayette, LA; Lafayette General Medical Ctr Expo (THB+THT) www.lafayettegeneral.com
June 6: Houston, TX; Postpartum Support International Conference (THB)
June 7: Fort Myers, FL; Community Coordinated Care for Children (4C) Conference (THB+THT) www.4cflorida.org
June 14-15: Las Vegas, NV; BabyTime Expo (THB+THT) www.babytimeexpo.com
June 20: Phoenix, AZ; APSAC 16th National Colloquium (THT)
June 21-22: Phoenix, AZ; BabyTime Expo (THB+THT) www.babytimeexpo.com
June 26: Los Angeles, CA; Fetal and Infant Health Conference (THB)
June 26: Los Angeles, CA; 2008 AWHONN Annual Convention (THB+THT)
June 27: Seattle, WA; Thrive By Five Meeting (TBA)
June 28-29: Seattle, WA; BabyTime Expo (THB+THT) www.babytimeexpo.com

Media Coverage
June 3: TheAdviser.com; “Doctor explains techniques to calm babies, toddlers” by Judy Bastien www.theadvertiser.com
June 9: Newsweek; “Colic Help”” by Karen Springen
June 9: Web MD, Health & Parenting; “10 Ways to Raise a Spoiled Child: Plus tips to reverse the damage by fine-tuning your approach to child discipline” by Sherry Rauh www.webmd.com
June 9: DailyRecord.co.uk; “Vital: Tame Your Toddler” by Maggie Mallon www.dailyrecord.co.uk
June 24: UCLA Magazine; “The Baby Whisperer” www.magazine.ucla.edu
June 25: The Tribune-Star; “Health Matters: Colic can frustrate the most patient parents” by Jan Chait www.tribstar.com

JULY 2008

July 19: Vancouver, BC; DONA International Conference (THB+THT) www.dona.org
July 31: New York, NY; Big City Moms (THB+THT) www.bigcitymoms.com

July 17: People.com: Celebrity Baby Blog. “Advice for Angelina & Brad: How To Care For Newborn Twins” by Angela M. www.celebrity-babies.com


August 4: Washington, DC; Nat’l Children’s Medical Center (THB)
August 5: Washington, DC; 12th Annual Birth To Three Institute, sponsored by Early Head Start National Resource Center (THB+THT) www.ehsnrc.org
August 11: Los Angeles, CA; UCLA (THB)
August 20: Cheyenne, WY; Maternal and Family Health Annual Conference (THB+THT)
August 28-29: Minneapolis, MN; Step by Step Montessori Schools (THB+THT) www.stepbystepmontessori.com


September 3: New York, NY; Columbia University
September 4: New York, NY; Big City Moms (THB+THT) www.bigcitymoms.com
September 17: Shanghai, China; Suzhou Central Hospital (THB+THT)
September 21-22: Beijing, China; Gymboree release of The Happiest Baby Educator Program (THB+THT)
September 24-25: Melbourne, Australia; Royal Children’s Hospital (THB)


October 6: Vancouver, BC; Vancouver Public Library (THB+THT) www.vpl.vancouver.bc.ca
October 10: Columbus, OH; Destination Maternity Grand Opening (THB)
October 12: New York, NY; NYC Wine & Food Festival (THT) www.nycwineandfoodfestival.com
October 11-14: Boston, MA; AAP National Conference & Exhibit www.aapexperience.org
October 13: Boston, MA; Pediatric Symposium

The Happiest Kids on the Block: Strikingly effective ways to soothe colic, promote sleep, reduce tantrums and boost toddler cooperation
Sponsored by:
National March of Dimes; Prevent Child Abuse America; Healthy Mothers/Healthy Babies Coalition; Attachment Parenting International; Pennsylvania Department of Health; Massachusetts Citizens for Children – SBS Prevention Center; Alabama Children’s Trust Fund; The Happiest Baby, Inc.; Bantam Dell Publishing; Stonyfield Farm YoBaby; Homemade Baby; Miracle Blanket; Gymboree; BornFree

October 18: Santa Monica, CA; “Sizzling” Hot Topics (THB+THT)
October 21-22: Hampton Roads, VA; Bon Secours (THB+THT) www.bonsecourshamptonroads.com
October 22-23: Norfolk, VA; Eastern Virginia Medical School Grand Rounds (THB+THT)
October 30: Los Angeles, CA; ICAN NEXUS Conference (THB+THT) www.ican4kids.org


November 6+8: Dallas, TX; National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) (THB+THT) www.naeyc.org
Tentative: November 12: Tampa, FL; Divine Events (THB+THT)
November 13: Orlando, FL; Adventist Hospital (THB+THT)
November 14: Orlando, FL; Care of the Sick Child Conference (THB)


December 1: Los Angeles, CA; Zero to Three National Training Institute & Exhibit (THB)

"Dedicated to the generous hearts of all parents and to our sweet children who enter the world with such trust."

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