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Ahhh… sleep!

What parent doesn’t need a little extra snooze time?

But, most parents make their homes so quiet… it actually ruins their baby’s sleep! Did you know that the sound your baby heard inside you was louder than a vacuum… 24/7. That’s why using a rough, whooshy sound can flip on the calming reflex… and immediately boost your baby’s sleep.

Our special “soothing sounds” played all night will instantly add 1-3 hours to your baby’s sleep. And, using it every night for months will make it easy to wean the swaddling and prevent the common sleep problems (from teething, colds etc.) that can suddenly start at 4-12 months and ruin your baby’s slumber …and yours!

There are many types of white noise, but our award winning, “Super-Soothing” Sleep Sounds CD is the best! That’s because: 1) Its specially engineered sounds, developed by Dr. Karp, can stop crying fast, 2) CDs are easy to use at home, in the car or on visits to Grandma, 3) You can just gradually turn it down whenever you want to wean your baby off (usually after 12 months of age).

"Dedicated to the generous hearts of all parents and to our sweet children who enter the world with such trust."

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